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The Wight Fortress from a distance

"Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster... For when you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you."

Wight Fortress is an absolutely massive castle structure that is key to Betweenlands progression. It can be found somewhat rarely in Marshes. Great preparation should be taken before attempting to raid this difficult and intricate dungeon.

The Wight Fortress uses a special world area method, giving it a custom title when entered, as well as unique ambiance. Dense Fog will always be active around the fortress, and the silhouettes that come with it appear much closer to the player before vanishing.

The world area also gives the fortress a protection system; most blocks included as part of the Wight Fortress are unable to be broken, but you can still place and break blocks of your own. This protection is meant to stop you from breaking the progression and consistency of the Wight Fortress; however, it goes away after defeating the fortress's boss. Exceptions to this protection are Betweenlands Spawners, Weedwood Chests, Roots, and of course the Pot of Chance block.

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The Wight Fortress has a multitude of levels and rooms with varying specifics. Pots of Chance spawn throughout the structure.

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The bottom floor

The bottom floor can be accessed by small entryways in the sides of the fortress. The spawners down here only spawn Swamp Hags and Chiromaws, and mushrooms and roots dot the floor. There is a small pool of Stagnant Water in the center of the level.

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The first main floor

The first main floor can be accessed via the main stairway entrance of the fortress. Each 'tower' making up the castle has a room with a spawner, which on this floor can spawn Pyrads. The corridors of this level have hidden Possessed Blocks which can catch the player by surprise if they're not careful.

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The second floor

The second floor can be accessed via a stairway on the first floor. This floor is very similar to the previous one, but the spawners spawn Termites instead, there are no Possessed Blocks, and the corridor floors are made of Weak Betweenstone Tiles and Weak Mossy Betweenstone Tiles, which can cause the floor to crumble apart should the player walk on it without sneaking. There are also sometimes Weedwood Chests with loot here.

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The third floor

The third floor can be accessed via another stairway on the second floor. The third floor is largely exposed to the outside and the spawners spawn Wights. There are also lots more Weedwood Chests with loot.

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The puzzle room

The center room, just about the same elevation as the third floor, is a puzzle room vital for completing the fortress. It features Spike Traps on the floor as well as four Item Cages directing energy beams towards the center orb of the room; it also has custom title text. Each of the Item Cages contains a piece of the Shockwave Sword. The idea is that you are supposed to break all four Item Cages (ONLY done by breaking them while standing directly underneath them) while maneuvering around the Spike Traps. The released pieces will float towards the center orb and, once all four are united, the orb will disappear and leave behind the Shockwave Sword.

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The double chest room

Another stairway next to the puzzle room entrance leads to a loot room with Weak Polished Limestone as its floor and a double Weedwood Chest in the center, as well as two spawners that spawn Chiromaws.

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The boss portal room protected by Energy Barriers

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Staring into the "eye"

One more stairway leads to the boss portal room. This room is at first protected by Energy Barriers that must be destroyed by walking through them while holding the assembled Shockwave Sword (a Weedwood Sign saying 'Only The Sword Keeper May Pass This Point' is found here to indicate this). A custom quote will appear upon entrance and the "eye" that acts as the portal will be in the center. If you stare directly at this eye for long enough, it will teleport you to the topmost part of the tower and spawn the boss.

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Fighting the Primordial Malevolence

The boss fought at the top of the Wight Fortress is the Primordial Malevolence, a sphere of terrible and powerful energy. The ambiance will be replaced by boss music on this level and custom title text will appear. The strategy for killing the Primordial Malevolence involves snagging its green bullets using the Shockwave Sword and shooting them back at the malevolence, breaking parts of its shield and allowing one to damage it. When finally defeated, the fortress will have been conquered, allowing the player to manipulate the fortress to their needs (will no longer attempt to punish the player for editing the fortress).

There are a couple of secret rooms to be found in the fortress (STOP READING IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE SPOILED):

-There is a back wall on the bottom floor that appears to be made of Betweenstone Bricks as opposed to the normal Betweenstone. There are two hidden entryways marked by Betweenstone Brick Mirages, which can be passed through to reveal a small hidden room with a double Weedwood Chest with loot.

-If you sacrifice your Decay by jumping into the Stagnant Water pool at the bottom of the fortress, you will enter a secret basement room. This room contains Octine Blocks, Syrmorite Blocks, and Valonite Blocks as major treasure. It has a chance to also have a spawner that spawns Swamp Hags.

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The Wight Fortress Pots and Chests use the DUNGEON_POT_LOOT and DUNGEON_CHEST_LOOT loot tables, respectively.

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