Weedwood Rowboat
2016-01-13 21.21.43
Compostable No
Stackable No
First Appearance Beta 1.0.0

Weedwood Rowboat is a utility vehicle that functions as a Betweenlands variant of the regular boat, with additional changes. It comes in two variations: Regular and Tarred.

Recipe Edit

  1. 5 Weedwood Planks = 1 Weedwood Rowboat
    Weedwood Rowboat

How to Use Edit

The Weedwood Rowboat is capable of seating one player and can be placed by right-clicking the item in the water. It can then be mounted by right-clicking the placed boat. Mounting the boat immediately puts the player in a third-person mode, with their front side facing the screen (unless disabled in the config). The boat has oars that are both separately controlled to steer the boat in different directions.

Pressing left ('a' by default) will make the left oar paddle, steering the boat to the right, and pressing right ('d' by default) will make the right oar paddle, steering the boat to the left. Pressing both left and right at the same time will make both oars paddle and cause the boat to move directly forward in a straight line, although the boat itself will be facing backwards and your player's back side will be facing the direction you are going. While rowing, a special arm animation for the player is used and a unique paddling sound will play.

The rowboat moves at a pace faster than swimming normally in water, although not too fast; this makes it useful for traversing the watery Betweenlands landscape more easily than simply swimming, and with less risk of being attacked by sea creatures. Its movement is not hindered by Algae, either.

A regular Weedwood Rowboat can be somewhat difficult to control, as it is hard to stop or turn it when it reaches a certain velocity and it will likely collide with other blocks. However, right-clicking a regular Weedwood Rowboat with a Tar Drip will turn it into a Tarred Weedwood Rowboat, which is easier to control.

The boat cannot break on its own, but can be broken and collected with a few punches.

Trivia Edit

The item texture for the regular Weedwood Rowboat was created by user WightofShadows.

Video Edit

Weedwood Boats00:51

Weedwood Boats

History Edit

  • Beta 2.0.2: Fixed taking random damage while in the boat.
  • Beta 2.0.0: Added Tarred Weedwood Rowboat variation.
    • Removed Tar Drip from regular boat crafting recipe.
    • Regular Weedwood Rowboat is now more difficult to control.
    • Movement is no longer hindered by Algae.
  • Beta 1.0.0: Introduced.

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