Weedwood Bucket
Compostable No
Stackable Empty: Yes (64)
Filled: No
First Appearance Beta 1.0.0

Weedwood Bucket is an item equivalent to the vanilla Bucket, but collects and places liquid source blocks from the Betweenlands instead. The Weedwood Bucket is capable of collecting and placing Swamp Water, Stagnant Water, Tar, and Rubber liquids.

It will also be used to collect raw infusions from the Infuser for Weedwood Infusion Buckets, although this is unimplemented in the latest version.

Weedwood Water Buckets can be used to fill the Purifier with water, which is required in order to purify items. One Purifier can be filled with up to sixteen buckets worth of water, and consumes one bucket worth per purified item.

Right-clicking an empty Weedwood Bucket on a Rubber Tree Log that was naturally grown (not placed by the player) and with a Reed Rope in the inventory will put a Weedwood Rubber Tap on the tree (consuming both items). After the tap fills completely, breaking the tap or using either a Weedwood or Syrmorite Bucket on it will yield a Rubber Bucket of the corresponding bucket type.

Recipe Edit

  1. 3 Weedwood Planks + 1 Reed Rope = 1 Weedwood Bucket
    Weedwood Bucket

Uses Edit

  1. 1 Weedwood Bucket (Water) + 1 Ball of Sap = 1 Plant Tonic
    Plant Tonic
  2. Smelt Weedwood Bucket (Rubber) = Rubber Ball
    Solid Rubber

History Edit

  • Beta 2.0.0: Changed textures of liquid inside.
    • Can now actually collect and place Rubber liquid.
  • Beta 1.0.0: Introduced.

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