Valonite Shield
Compostable No
Durability 5000
Stackable No
First Appearance Beta 2.0.0
2017-03-18 10.14.44

Valonite Shield when held by the player

Valonite Shield is a powerful Betweenlands shield. Like any shield, it can be held up to block attacks from the front, and in this shield's case completely negates damage from both melee and ranged frontal attacks. It can be temporarily disabled by an axe attack.

Uniquely to the Valonite Shield, it also completely negates any knockback that would have been dealt by the attacking mob.

The Valonite Shield does not corrode, nor can it be applied with Middle Gems.

Recipe Edit

  1. 6 Valonite Shards + 1 Pitstone = 1 Valonite Shield
    Valonite Shield

History Edit

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