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The Overworld, with a Swampland biome in the distance

The Overworld is the player's homeworld. It is a lush, varied world from which a variety of other realms can be accessed.

Lore Edit

When the Nether's forces turned the Betweenlands into an evil swampland, a covenant of Druids arrived to the Overworld. They tried to reverse the effects of the Nether's takeover, but were exposed to its power and became insane, resulting in the Dark Druids. Much later, a daring traveler (the player) who came from the Overworld managed to find their way into the Betweenlands through this world.

New Additions Edit

The mod adds Druid Circles into Overworld Swampland-type biomes. Dark Druids practice in these circles, and obtaining and combining the Swamp Talisman pieces they drop, along with obtaining a Sapling, is necessary to access the Betweenlands.

A dark crack will also appear in the sky that disappears once the Prime Wight is defeated.