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The Nether

The Nether is a cavernous, almost barren realm of fire and dark magic.

Lore Edit

According to legend, a powerful druid named Revil O' Elcanrab attempted to modify the magic of this place in order to wield it for good. When he and his followers, the Angry Pixels, lit a Nether portal in his home dimension, the Nether's evil poured out into it. This hellish power transformed its residents into Wights, and Revil O' Elcanrab himself became the Prime Wight. The resulting swampland world is now called the Betweenlands.

New Additions Edit

The mod adds a variant of the Wight that looks different than the normal Betweenlands version and only spawns in the Nether after The Prime Wight is defeated. Regular Wights will not spawn in The Betweenlands afterward either, although this can be turned off in the config.

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