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The Betweenlands.

The Betweenlands is a dark, swampy realm crawling with strange, monstrous creatures. It is the dimension that the majority of the mod revolves around.

Lore Edit

During the time when the Overworld and Nether were just being born, this dimension existed as little other than a void of nothingness, but energy seeped into it, giving it potential to grow. Eventually, an interdimensional rift appeared, allowing life force to populate this dimension. A race of NPCs inhabited it, including Revil O' Elcanrab, a powerful Druid. He and his followers worked to twist the Nether's evil into a weapon of peace. However, when they opened the portal in this dimension, evil surged out into it. This caused the NPCs to become Wights. Revil O' Elcanrab himself became the Prime Wight, and he now wielded power over this dimension. He caused the Betweenlands to become a swampy, deathly land, as it is now. After much time, a traveler (the player) found their way to the dimension.

Features Edit

The air is so foul that any creature breathing it slowly decays.  The realm has no day/night cycle.  Clocks, maps, redstone, flint and steel, and compasses are useless here. Due to the warm and wet environment of The Betweenlands, food from other dimensions rots when traveling through the portal to this dimension, becoming Rotten Food. Similarly, potions from other dimensions will become Tainted Potions.

As Flint and Steel cannot operate in the dimension, there is an alternative way to creating a fire. Simply hold right-click Moss, Cave Moss, or Thorns (either placed or dropped, both block and item forms work) with an Octine Ingot to light it on fire. The ingot will cause the plant to slowly build up flame until it turns into a fire block, without consuming the ingot in the process. This is essential for getting an Infuser started.

Torches will not work here, and you will require Sulfur Torches instead. Along with that, tools from other dimensions will be diminished in effectiveness in the Betweenlands, prompting the player to use the Betweenlands tools. However, Betweenlands tools in your inventory will undergo Corrosion.

How to Access Edit

The Betweenlands can be accessed by creating a Portal Tree, which contains four portals to the dimension. For more information on how to access the dimension, visit the How to get there page.

Environment Edit

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The Betweenlands' sky


A tunnel leading into a small Limestone Cave, with Thorns growing on the side.

The Betweenlands revolves around a swampy-like theme. It has a randomly generated, animated green sky dotted with mysterious, hazy stars. These skies have Auroras from time to time, one of the last sparks of happiness in the dimension. The once verdant soil retains a very dead green color.

The dimension is composed of Swamplands, Patchy Islands, Coarse Islands, Sludge Plains, Deep Waters, and Marshes. The Middle Gem Ores can be found within a couple of these biomes. These biomes are crawling with very thick and uncontrolled flora and fauna, and some contain remnants of long lost civilizations in the form of Marsh Ruins, Shrine Dungeons, and Idol Head Statues, among other mysterious structures. There is one rare major dungeon landmark, the Wight Fortress, that is central to progression. The Betweenlands may give birth to new biomes in the future and will receive more structures, such as Tribe Settlements.


The Lake Caverns, or Pitstone layer of The Betweenlands. It houses Valonite Ore, and Life Crystal Ore.

The Betweenlands's default tree is the small Weedwood Tree, although there are bigger variations. The dimensions also provides Sap Trees, Rubber Trees, and Dead Trees. More trees are to come in the future.

The dimension carries a whole underground system with ores such as Sulfur Ore, Slimy Bone Ore, Octine Ore, Syrmorite Ore, Valonite Ore, and Life Crystal Ore. The caves themselves are often wide and house underground flora and dripping stalactites, along with echoing cave ambiance.

There are two main locations of the Betweenlands's underground structure: The Caverns and the Lake Caverns.

The Betweenlands only has two underground structures at the moment, and those are the Tar Pool Dungeon, located in the Caverns layer, and the Underground Ruins, located in the Lake Caverns layer. Ancient Temples and more will be arriving in the future.

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Videos Edit

The Betweenlands Mod - Official Trailer -1

The Betweenlands Mod - Official Trailer -1

Betweenlands World

Betweenlands World

Betweenlands Ambience

Betweenlands Ambience

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