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A Tar Dungeon

"I had been in one of the expansive caverns underground when I came across a pool of black, liquid tar, with some ruins around it. It was the perfect place to find submerged loot! Only, when I approached it, the tar suddenly rose into the air and molded into a red-eyed beast before my eyes."

-From Explorer's Entries: Pools of Tar
Tar Pool Dungeons are small, somewhat rare structures that spawn underground in the Betweenlands, often times within Caverns. They are small dome-shaped caves with a center tar pool. They use a world area that gives them a custom title when near them.

The spawner lies within the pool and disguises as a Solid Tar block, spawning Tar Beasts within the pool when a player is nearby. Due to the nature of Tar Beasts, this dungeon may prove very difficult to conquer. The Tar Loot Pots are under the Tar Pool and it is advised to empty it before attempting to claim the pots' items, which are usually more rewarding than typical loot items.

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Tar Pool Dungeon Pots use the dungeon_pot_loot loot table.

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