Swift Pickaxe
Compostable No
Damage 5 (HeartHeartHalf Heart)
Durability 2500
Stackable No
First Appearance Beta 1.0.0

Swift Pickaxe is a unique, powerful tool that can be found as Loot. It is also a treasure from animating Item Scrolls. It mines stone-based blocks at an extremely rapid pace, breaking most blocks almost instantly.

The Swift Pickaxe will be found in a "Good as new!" state of corrosion, with 0/255 corrosion points. Simply being in your inventory will cause it to start becoming corroded; using and swinging the pickaxe as well as being in water will increase the pickaxe's rate of corrosion. Corrosion decreases the damage output and effectiveness of the pickaxe. The corroded pickaxe can be cleaned in the Purifier, or coated with Scabyst to keep its corrosion level static. Visit the Mechanics page for more details on corrosion.

The Swift Pickaxe cannot be applied with Middle Gem modifiers.

Recipes Edit

  1. 1 Swift Pickaxe + 8 Scabyst = coats Betweenlands tool (shapeless, pickaxe shown as example)
    Octine Pickaxe (coated)
  2. Purify non-coated Swift Pickaxe = clean Betweenlands tool (axe shown as example)
    Octine Axe 2

Trivia Edit

The Swift Pickaxe's name is a minor reference to the YouTuber known as ChimneySwift11.

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