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Another view of Swamplands with a Dead Tree

Swamplands are lush, dense biomes with lots of flat, dry land. This biome has the largest land-to-water ratio of any in The Betweenlands. The water is a slightly greener tinge here. The trees generate much closer together and more frequently here than in other biomes, and the foliage is very dense too.

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Mobs Edit

In addition to Fire Flies, Wights, and rarely Chiromaws as usual, Swamp Hags, Leeches, Geckos, Blood Snails, Mire Snails, Frogs, and Harlequin Toads can spawn here, Tar Beasts rarely in the Tar Pools, and Anglers in the water.

Structures Edit

Swamplands contain Rivers coursing throughout the biome, with occasional Tar Pools, many small and occasionally large Weedwood Trees, including Giant Stumps, Rubber Trees, and occasional Sap Trees and Dead Trees.

Video Edit

Betweenlands Cinematic- Swamplands

Betweenlands Cinematic- Swamplands