Swamp Hag

The new Swamp Hag model

Health 40 (Heartx20)
Damage Easy: 3 (HeartHalf Heart)

Normal: 4 (HeartHeart) Hard: 6 (HeartHeartHeart)

Drops SlimyBoneSlimy Bone on death
First Appearance Beta 1.0.0

Swamp Hags are undead mobs that spawn rather commonly in the Betweenlands anywhere underground in the Cavern and Lake Cavern layers, as well as more uncommonly on the surface of Swamplands, Patchy Islands, Coarse Islands, and Deep Waters biomes. They will spawn at a heavily increased rate and in all surface Betweenlands biomes during Blood Sky, and also spawn from spawners in Shrines, Underground Oases, Cragrock Towers, and the Wight Fortress.

Description Edit

Swamp Hags are about 2.5 blocks tall, and appear as skeletal creatures with scarred and overgrown limbs and with glowing yellow eyes. They stagger when they walk, as an added horror factor. They act like the average hostile mob, and deal average melee damage. In addition, with each hit they have a chance not to take knockback.

They will bang on doors that are in the way of their target; if the world is in Hard difficulty, they will eventually succeed in breaking down the door.

When spawned during the Blood Sky event, they move faster and deal more damage than usual, making them significantly more dangerous.

Swamp Hags have a chance to spawn applied with a random Middle Gem Amulet, which will give it Middle Gem Circle benefits depending on the type applied. This amulet will not drop upon their death.

Swamp Hags can be killed in one hit using a rare loot weapon, the Hag Hacker.

Strategy Edit

Individual Swamp Hags and even small groups of them are quite easy to handle; their AI is essentially that of a vanilla zombie, and their stats are only slightly higher. Large groups of them can be a different story however, especially if they sneak up to you from behind; just be on the lookout for those appearances and you'll be fine.



History Edit

  • Beta 2.0.0: Now move faster and deal more damage during Blood Sky.
    • Can now break down doors in Hard difficulty.
  • Beta 1.0.0: Introduced.

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