Every specific group of blocks purposefully formed in The Betweenlands based on coding is part of a natural structure. Be on the lookout for the 'NYI' tag on their page; if it's there, that means the structure is not fully implemented in a currently released build of the mod.

Terrain Edit

  • Cragrock Spire: Giant formations of Cragrock found in Deep Waters.
  • Silt Beach: Large flats of Silt found in Patchy Islands.

Liquid Bodies Edit

  • Pool of Tar: Pools of thick black tar found in Swamplands and Sludge Plains.
  • River: Small twisting channels of Swamp Water found in Swamplands and Sludge Plains.
  • Swamp Waters: Massive bodies of Swamp Water found in many Betweenlands biomes.

Underground Structures Edit

  • Cavern: The Caverns of the Betweenlands, made up of Betweenstone and various cave flora.
  • Lake Cavern: The deepest part of the Caverns, made up of Pitstone and various cave flora.
  • Limestone Cavern: Sections of the Caverns made up of Limestone.
  • Pool of Stagnant Water: Pools of greenish glowing water found in the Caverns.
  • Tar Pool Dungeon: A structure with a Tar Pool that spawns Tar Beasts, found underground.
  • Underground Oasis: Patches of underground flora containing valuable natural resources.
  • Underground Ruins: Small ruins made of Pitstone that spawn in the Lake Caverns.

Basic Structures Edit

  • Abandoned Shack: Ruins of mud brick found in Sludge Plains.
  • Dead Tree: Gigantic hollow logs of Rotten Weedwood Bark found in Swamplands.
  • Giant Bulb-Capped Mushroom: Large glowing blue mushrooms found in Patchy Islands.
  • Idol Head Statue: Giant heads of Smooth Cragrock with buried loot, found in Patchy Islands.
  • Rubber Tree: An uncommon tree found in Swamplands that can be tapped.
  • Ruins: Tall ruins of various betweenstone block types, found in Marshes.
  • Sap Tree: An uncommon tree found in many Betweenlands locations that provides edible sap.
  • Shrine: Small shrines with a random spawner and loot, found in Marshes.
  • Weedwood Tree: The basic willow-like tree found everywhere in the Betweenlands.

Buildings Edit

  • Cragrock Tower: An extremely tall monolithic tower made of various cragrock blocks.
  • Wight Fortress: A massive fortress dungeon housing the Primordial Malevolence.

The Overworld Edit

  • Druid Circle: A structure in the Overworld that provides the needs to get to the Betweenlands.

Artificially Created Edit

  • Portal Tree: The tree created with the Swamp Talisman that allows travel to the Betweenlands.

Upcoming Edit

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