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Sludge Plains

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Another view of Sludge Plains with some Mud Ruins

Sludge Plains are characterized by large and muddy landmasses, and one of the least commonly generating biomes. The water is noticeably browner here.

Due to the high number of hindering blocks and dangerous mobs found here, one should take care to avoid this biome unless they are prepared. Ideally, they should at least have Rubber Boots before attempting to enter.

Composition Edit

Mobs Edit

In addition to Fire Flies, Wights, and rarely Chiromaws as usual, Sludges, Peat Mummies, and Leeches can spawn here, and Tar Beasts within the Tar Pools. This is also one of the only two biomes that the Dreadful Peat Mummy can be summoned in.

Structures Edit

The biome is decorated with small Rivers and many Tar Pools. It is also scattered with small Dead Weedwood Trees. Mud Ruins occasionally generate here.

Video Edit

Betweenlands Showcase- Sludge Plains

Betweenlands Showcase- Sludge Plains