Shockwave Sword
Compostable No
Speed Completed Sword: 1.6
Damage Completed Sword: 7

(HeartHeartHeartHalf Heart)

Durability Completed Sword: 2500
Stackable Sword Pieces: Yes (64)
Completed Sword: No
First Appearance Beta 1.0.0

Shockwave Sword is a powerful and unique weapon that can be obtained from a special puzzle in the Wight Fortress.

The Puzzle Edit

The center room of the third floor of the Wight Fortress is a special puzzle room, featuring Spike Traps on the floor as well as four Item Cages directing energy beams towards the center orb of the room. Each of the Item Cages contains a piece of the Shockwave Sword. The idea is that you are supposed to break all four Item Cages (ONLY done by breaking them while standing directly underneath them, can be mined by hand but most efficiently mined with an axe) while maneuvering around the Spike Traps. The released pieces will float towards the center orb and, once all four are united, the orb will disappear and leave behind the Shockwave Sword.

Functions Edit

The Shockwave Sword functions similarly to a regular sword, and has the same base damage and attack speed as a Valonite Sword. Like all Betweenlands tools, the Shockwave Sword deals more damage in the Betweenlands than vanilla tools.

The Shockwave Sword has a special ability when used: When right-clicking, it will launch a 'shockwave' towards the direction aimed. This shockwave has a blue shader effect and causes blocks it comes across to lift into the air briefly, and travels about 8 blocks; it will damage and heavily knockback mobs that it hits. Note that on every third use, the sword's ability will have a charge cooldown of about 1.5 seconds, to prevent spamming.

In addition to all of this, the Shockwave Sword is extremely important to be used in the upper parts of the Wight Fortress. First of all, a player can only pass through and break the Energy Barrier surrounding the boss portal by holding the assembled Shockwave Sword when walking through. Second, it must actually be used in order to defeat the Primordial Malevolence itself. When held, the Shockwave Sword can 'snatch' the greener-colored bullets the malevolence shoots at the player, with a left-click. While snatching the orb, the player's movement speed is severely reduced, but they are able to shoot the bullet back at the Primordial Malevolence with another left-click. Should it strike the malevolence, one of its triangle-shaped shields will break and it will temporarily lower to the ground, firing bullets all around itself before rising up again. This is important because the player can only damage the malevolence through a broken part of its shield; the more shields broken, the easier it is to deal damage.

The Shockwave Sword will be made in a "Good as new!" state of corrosion, with 0/255 corrosion points. Simply being in your inventory will cause it to start becoming corroded; using and swinging the sword as well as being in water will increase its rate of corrosion. Corrosion decreases the damage output and effectiveness of the sword.

A corroded sword can be cleaned in the Purifier, resetting its corrosion value back to 0. It can also be applied with Scabyst to give it up to 600 coating points, which keep the corrosion level static until they are depleted. Visit the Mechanics page for more details on corrosion.

As with all swords, the Shockwave Sword can be equipped with Middle Gems as part of the Middle Gem Circle and to apply an additional buff to the player using them. The type of gem equipped can be seen in its tooltip.

Recipes Edit

  1. 1 Shockwave Sword + 1 Middle Gem = applies Middle Gem to sword (sword and gem type shown as example)
    Weedwood Sword with Green Gem
  2. 1 Shockwave Sword + between 1 and 8 Scabyst = coats Betweenlands tool (shapeless, adds 75 points per piece added, pickaxe shown as example)
    Octine Pickaxe (coated)
  3. Purify non-coated Shockwave Sword = clean Betweenlands tool (axe shown as example)
    Octine Axe 2

Sounds Edit


History Edit

  • Beta 2.0.0: Appropriated to fit the new vanilla combat mechanics.
    • Changed shockwave key and added shader effect to shockwave.
    • Can now corrode.
  • Beta 1.0.0: Introduced.

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