This is about the features that have been removed or replaced by others. For features that are possibly planned but have yet to be implemented, see Not Yet Implemented.

The following is a list of features that at some point were implemented into a version of the Betweenlands mod, but have since been removed or replaced with other features for various reasons.

Removed FeaturesEdit


The old Crocodile texture, and model.

The crocodile was a mob. If it wasn't obvious enough already, it's a crocodile. It was removed in the beginning of the Reboot, in favor of Lurker, which resemble Crocodile-like creatures.
Purple Rain Tree
2015-07-21 12.06.36

A WIP Purple Rain Tree

Note: This tree is no longer implemented, and is to be changed to a different tree in the future.
Purple Rain Log Purple Rain Logs make up the trunk and branches of Purple Rain Tree. They are most efficiently mined with an axe.
  1. Uses 1 Purple Rain Log = 4 Purple Rain Planks
    Purple Rain Planks
Betweenstone Tools Betweenstone Tools are a removed toolset that were supposed to be the equivalent of stone tools for the Betweenlands; this spot has been instead taken by Bone Tools.

BetweenstoneAxe BetweenstonePick BetweenstoneShovel BetweenstoneSword

Mire Coral Dust ± Block Mire Coral Dust was originally planned to be a dust that could be placed like redstone and would form the border of a Repeller. It has not been implemented as Repellers now create their own border.
Water Flower WaterFlower
Dark Druid Spawner Dark Druid Spawner was a spawner that used to spawn Dark Druids at Druid Circles. They have since been replaced by a regular Betweenlands Spawner.IconDarkDruidSpawner
2016-01-31 12.46.09
*History : Beta 2.0.0: Removed. Beta 1.0.0: Introduced.
Dried Peat Dried Peat is a block that was intended to be a fuel source created using Peat. It was removed with the Reboot.
Slimy Bonemeal Slimy Bonemeal SlimyBonemealis an item that was in the pre-reboot alpha version of the Betweenlands, but has since been removed. It was to be the Betweenlands equivalent of vanilla Bone Meal, but this has been replaced by Ground Dried Swamp Reed.GroundDriedSwampReed
Portal Tree Bark Portal Tree Bark IconPortalTreeBark is a block that used to be found on the outside of the Portal Tree. As of version Beta 2.0.0, this block has been removed and replaced entirely with Portal Frames. History : Beta 2.0.0: Removed and replaced entirely with Portal Frames. Beta 1.0.0: Introduced.
Weedwood Bark Weedwood Bark is a block that used to be found on the outside of Weedwood Trees. As of version Beta 2.0.0, this block has been removed and replaced entirely with Weedwood Logs. Grind : Weedwood Bark = Ground Weedwood Bark
Ground Weedwood Bark

History : Beta 2.0.0: Removed and replaced entirely with Weedwood Logs. Beta 1.0.0: Introduced.

Chock a Block
2016-02-05 16.28.43



Chock-A-Block was a stunningly special block. It depicts a super smart chimp that walks a bulldog around on a leash. It's animated, but you'll have to see the animation yourself ingame. Wait, this is ingame?

  • This block is an easter egg referencing Vadis365, one of the mod's coders, who is a chimp.
  • This block is completely unobtainable without Creative Mode, and it is a wonder why it is part of the mod at all aside from the reference (and that it's absolutely stunning and wonderful and no one should ever remove it).

History : Beta 2.0.0: Due to unforeseen consequences, the Chock-A-Block seems to have disappeared entirely from existence. Will have to talk to a certain chimp about this. Beta 1.0.0: No, this block was not added in Beta 1.0.0. It has been there since the very, very beginning. It will never leave.

Renamed content Edit

− Here a list of items and more content who may have been renamed.

  • Shrine Dungeon by itself or as prefix

  • Ruins Marsh Ruins or Small Ruins

  • Roofs Thatch Roof was named Thatch Slope

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