Primordial Malevolence

The Primordial Malevolence

Health 320 (Heartx160)
Damage Contact Easy: 4 (HeartHeart)

Contact Normal: 6 (HeartHeartHeart) Contact Hard: 9 (HeartHeartHeartHeartHalf Heart) Bullet Attack: 2 (Heart) Energy Field Attack: 2 (Heart) per hit

Drops RingOfRecruitment-0Ring of Recruitment, AmuletSlot-0Amulet Slot on death
First Appearance Beta 1.0.0

The Primordial Malevolence is a boss that can be fought at the top of the Wight Fortress. It will spawn at the very top of the fortress upon using the "eye" portal for the first time in the fortress's boss portal room.


The Primordial Malevolence is an icosahedron-shaped core of blue, malignant energy, with the outline of the Prime Wight's head in its center (only with an eye in place of the face). It has a custom boss health bar and battle music.

At first, the Primordial Malevolence cannot be attacked; even if you try to, it will damage you and knock you backward, in turn emitting a purple shader effect. In order to deal damage to the Malevolence, you will have to 'snatch' (left click) the green bullets it shoots in one of its attacks with the Shockwave Sword. When snatching, the player's movement speed is heavily decreased but they are able to fire the bullet back at the Malevolence with another left click.

If it hits the Malevolence, one of its triangle-shaped shields will break and it will temporarily lower to the ground, firing blue bullets all around itself before rising up again. This is important because the player can only damage the Malevolence through a broken part of its shield; the more shields that are broken, the easier it is to deal damage. The Malevolence will indicate that it is being damaged by not dealing damage back, making a different sound, and flickering red when hit rather than purple.

During its boss fight it will teleport above and around the player while using four different attacks against the player or other adversaries:

  • Its basic attack causes it to summon a varying number of Wight heads around the player. They will hover for a couple of moments before transforming into bullets that fly towards and damage the player. There are two different types of bullets; the green ones can be snagged by the Shockwave Sword, while the blue ones cannot.
  • It will occasionally summon a Wight on the ground level of the player to aid itself. This Wight only has 30 (Heartx15) health but has the same damage and soul capability as any. The Malevolence will not use this attack if a Wight it had previously summoned is still alive, and it will teleport the summoned Wight back onto the platform should it fall off, meaning it cannot be killed by pushing it off.
  • It will occasionally place an energy field on the ground level of the player. This spinning blue energy triangle will damage any players that walk into it, and it lasts for quite a few seconds before disappearing; it can also be destroyed with the Shockwave Sword's shockwave attack.
  • When it is depleted just about half of its health, it will start using a special attack. It will constantly summon Wight heads in a circle around the player which quickly transform into blue bullets that launch at the player. The rate of Wight head spawning increases dramatically over a period of 10 seconds until the attack finally ends with the spawning of Wight heads in a 360-degree circle that all converge on the player's position at once.

When struck, it takes no knockback. Also, should you fall off of the top fortress platform while fighting the Primordial Malevolence, it will teleport you back to the platform and inflict Blindness (Blindness) for 3 seconds upon you.

Upon death, the Primordial Malevolence will use a custom death animation, exploding into blue bullets and leaving behind its drops as well as a lot of experience. Once the Malevolence is dead, the Wight Fortress it was in will no longer have block protection over it, allowing you to place and break blocks in its world area.

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