Note: All information regarding Herblore, Aspects, and Infusions on this page is unimplemented in the latest version of the mod. It will be redone and readded in the future.

Plant Items
Compostable Yes
Stackable Yes (64)
First Appearance Beta 1.0.0

Plant Items are various material items that are obtained by breaking many of the different plants of the Betweenlands with a Sickle. Plant Items are used for the creation of ground items which are used in the creation of Infusions and Aspect Vials.

These are all of the plant items, and the plants that drop them: Algae Clump, Arrow Arum Leaf, Black Hat Mushroom (item), Bladderwort Flower, Bladderwort Stalk, Blue Eyed Grass Flowers, Blue Iris Petals, Bog Bean Flower, Boneset Flowers, Bottle Brush Grass Blades, Broomsedge Leaves, Bulb-Capped Mushrooms (item), Buttonbush Flowers, Cardinal Flower Petals, Cattail Head (also dropped by Tall Cattail), Cave Moss Clump, Cave Grass Blades, Copper Iris Petals, Deep Water Coral (item), Flathead Mushroom (item), Golden Club Flowers, Leaf (dropped by Swamp Plant), Lichen Clump, Marsh Hibiscus Flower, Marsh Mallow Flower, Marsh Marigold Flower, Milkweed Flower, Mire Coral (item), Moss (item), Nettle Leaf, Phragmite Stems, Pickerel Weed Flower, Pitcher Plant Trap, Poison Ivy Leaves, Shoots (item), Sludgecreep Leaves, Soft Rush Leaves, Sundew Head, Swamp Tallgrass Blades (also dropped by Double Swamp Tallgrass), Thorn Branch, Water Weeds (item), Venus Fly Trap Head, and Volarpad Leaf.

There is a plant item that has its own, separate page due to having a unique use: Tangled Root.

There are also some other material sources that are not plant-dropped, but can also be used to make ground items: Angler Tooth, Crimson Snail Shell, Middle Gems, and Ochre Snail Shell.

Uses Edit

  1. Grind Plant Item = corresponding Ground Item (Ground Leaf shown as example)
    Ground Leaf
  2. 1 Weedwood Bowl + 1 Black Hat Mushroom (item) + 1 Flathead Mushroom (item) + 1 Nettle/Flowering Nettle = 1 Nettle Soup
    Nettle Soup
  3. 4 Bulb-Capped Mushrooms (item) = 4 Bulb-Capped Mushroom Tops
    Capped Mushroom Top
  4. 1 Moss (item)/Cave Moss Clump + 1 Betweenstone Bricks = 1 Mossy Betweenstone Bricks
  5. 1 Moss (item)/Cave Moss Clump + 1 Smooth Betweenstone = 1 Mossy Smooth Betweenstone
  6. 1 Moss (item)/Cave Moss Clump + 1 Betweenstone Tiles = 1 Mossy Betweenstone Tiles
  7. 3 Weedwood Planks + 3 Moss (item)/Moss/Cave Moss Clumps/Cave Moss = 1 Moss Bed
  8. 4 Deep Water Coral (item) = 4 Deep Water Coral Blocks
    Block of Deep Water Coral
  9. 4 Mire Coral (item) = 4 Mire Coral Blocks
    Block of Mire Coral

Uses (Outdated) Edit

  1. 3 Volarpad Leaves/Volarpads + 2 Reed Rope + 2 Weedwood Sticks = 1 Volarkite

History Edit

  • Beta 1.0.0: Introduced.

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