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Patchy Islands

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Another view of Patchy Islands, with a cluster of Giant Bulb-Capped Mushrooms

Patchy Islands are similar to Coarse Islands in that it is composed of many small islands surrounded by large bodies of water, except that said islands have shores that are on the same level as the water. The water is a slightly greener tinge here.

Composition Edit

Mobs Edit

In addition to Fire Flies, Wights, and rarely Chiromaws as usual, Dragonflies, Swamp Hags, Leeches, Mire Snails, Blood Snails, Frogs, and Geckos can spawn here, Silt Crabs on the Silt Beaches, and Anglers and Lurkers in the water.

Structures Edit

Silt Beaches are a common occurence on the shores of this biome's islands, and Swamp Waters make up the space surrounding the islands. Small Weedwood Trees and the occasional Sap Tree, as well as Giant Bulb-Capped Mushrooms, spawn here. Rarely, Idol Head Statues generate here.

Video Edit

Betweenlands Cinematic- Patchy Islands

Betweenlands Cinematic- Patchy Islands