Music Discs

There are 14 Music Discs added to the Betweenlands mod. They can all be found as Loot. They are also treasures from animating Item Scrolls. They can be played in the Weedwood Jukebox to play unique music tracks, all of which were composed by Voog2.

This is the list of Music Discs and their tracks, in order from top right across:

  • Legendary Disc - Astatos (Also known as The Real Legend)
  • Tribesman's Disc - Between You And Me
  • Frosty Disc - Christmas On The Marsh
  • Explorer's Disc - The Explorer
  • Music Disc - Hag Dance (Also known as Malady)
  • Music Disc - Lonely Fire (Also known as Thought About It, Nevermind)
  • Mysterious Disc - ... (16612)
  • Temple Disc - Ancient (Also known as Egypt Moon)
  • Music Disc - Beneath A Green Sky (Also known as Apocalypse)
  • DJ Wight's Hot New Mixtape - Rave In A Cave (Also known as The World Against Me)
  • Music Disc - Onwards (Also known as Coco's Song)
  • Music Disc - Stuck In The Mud (Also known as The 7th Sporting)
  • Music Disc - Wandering Wisps (Also known as Dime)
  • Music Disc - Waterlogged (Also known as This Could've Been Our Song)

Visit Voog2's ReverbNation song list for released tracks, including currently unused ones.

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