Mummy Bait
Compostable No
Stackable Yes (64)
First Appearance Beta 1.0.0

NOTICE: This item has been temporarily removed in the latest version of the mod, and will be returning in a future update.

2016-03-27 22.39.54

The emerging Dreadful Peat Mummy

Mummy Bait is a unique item that is used to summon the Dreadful Peat Mummy. This can be done simply by throwing the item in at least a 3x3 space of Mud, Peat, Swamp Grass, and/or Swamp Dirt in a Sludge Plains or Marsh biome. If done correctly, the item will disappear and the Dreadful Peat Mummy will begin emerging from the ground where it was dropped. It has an animated texture.

Recipe Edit

  1. 1 Armaniis Aspect Vial (uses 1.0 amount) + 1 Animated Tar Beast Heart + 1 Shimmerstone + 1 Sludge Ball = 1 Mummy Bait (shapeless)
    Mummy Bait

History Edit

  • Beta 2.0.0: Temporarily removed.
  • Beta 1.0.0: Introduced.

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