These are all of the mobs added by the Betweenlands mod. Be on the lookout for the 'NYI' tage on their page; if it's there, that means the mob is not fully implemented in a currently released build of the mod.

Current MobsEdit

  • Anglers: Vicious flesh-eating fish that swim around in the waters of the Betweenlands.
  • Blood Snails: Aggressive snails that can squirt poisonous blood at their enemies.
  • Blind Cave Fish: Small fish that swim in the waters of the Betweenlands caverns.
  • Chiromaws: Hungry bat-like creatures found lurking in caves.
  • Dark Druids: Insane Druids who chant around altars in Overworld swamps.
  • Dragonflies: Graceful insects that fly across the dark skies of the Betweenlands.
  • Fire Flies: Glowing insects that fly around and give off light.
  • Frogs: Creatures that just like to hop around and mind their own business.
  • Geckos: Small lizards that hide in bushes.
  • Harlequin Toads: Big slimy amphibians that can be tamed and ridden.
  • Leeches: Second-rating worms that suck the blood of any living mob.
  • Lurkers: Large, strong reptilian creatures that attack when provoked.
  • Mire Snails: Peaceful snails that could be farmed much easier than their ornery cousins.
  • Peat Mummies: Undead skeletons that rise up from the muddy marshes to attack the player.
  • Pyrads: Infuriated and corrupted nature spirits that shoot flames at anyone who opposes them.
  • Shallowbreaths: Dangerous fumes that appear in marshes and from evaporated infusions.
  • Silt Crabs: Watch your toes!
  • Sludges: Slime-like mobs that lie in wait for their prey in the marshes.
  • Sporelings: Skittish mushroom creatures that prefer to walk on shelf fungus.
  • Swamp Hags: Undead monsters that stalk the swamps of the Betweenlands.
  • Tar Beasts: Hulking monsters made out of tar that reside in tar pits.
  • Tar Minions: Craftable little tar-based creatures that will attack hostile mobs.
  • Termites: Pesky insects that occasionally come out of Rotten Weedwood Logs.
  • Wights: Evil spirits who look sad on the outside, but then lash out if taken too lightly.

Current Bosses Edit

Currently Unused Mobs Edit

  • Temple Guardians: Stone guardians of the ancient temples, with three variations each with unique tactics.

Ideas for Upcoming MobsEdit

  • Animated Idols: Idols found deep within mysterious temples brought to life.
  • Big Jellyfish: Larger versions of normal Jellyfish that can be stood on.
  • Bone Puppets: Skeletal creatures controlled by the Skull Shaman.
  • Boulder Sprites: Living boulders that reside within forgotten temples.
  • Dirt Crawlers: Tiny creatures that are unearthed when breaking Swamp Dirt.
  • Dryads: The purest of the dryadic family that are disturbed by the disruption of nature.
  • Fish: Actual swimming fish, who would've thought?
  • Fluvyads: Aquatic versions of Pyrads found in flooded forests.
  • Giganticks: Huge ticks that may lay nasty eggs if they can suck your blood.
  • Jellyfish: Water mobs that sting a little when touched.
  • Mud Golems: Creatures made to serve the player.
  • Mudskippers: Small and slow ambient mobs found on silt and mud beaches.
  • Nautili: Mollusks that can be caught and bred for their meat.
  • Needlers: Plants that shoot out poisonous barbs when disturbed.
  • Shades: Vengeful ghosts that will not be stopped by damage to hunt their target.
  • Silt Crab Gargantuans: Gigantic silt crabs that can be tamed and bred.
  • Snappers: Flesh-eating plants that will trap and digest any creature unfortunate enough to step on them.
  • Sporekings: The kings of sporelings, and also a cool pun.
  • Stalkers: Terrifying and elusive creatures that hunt in caves.
  • Swamp Plants: Little creatures related to sporelings that pop up from under swamp plants.
  • Tribe Elders: The oldest members of the tribes, these NPCs are looked up to by the other tribesmen.
  • Tribe Guards: Brave NPCs that would give their lives to protect their people.
  • Tribesmen: A race of NPCs that have managed to make the Betweenlands their home.

Ideas for Upcoming Bosses Edit

  • Elder Pyrad
  • Guardian Warlord: One of three ancient guardians of the temple that uses a combination of melee, ranged, and berserk attacks.
  • Prime Wight: The terrible overlord of the Betweenlands.
  • Skull Shaman: The possessed skeletal remains of a powerful shaman.
  • Swamp Kraken: A gigantic squid-like monster that swims in the waters of the Betweenlands.
  • Temple Keeper: One of three ancient guardians of the temple that screeches and manipulates the blocks of its room.
  • Temple Protector: One of three ancient guardians of the temple that protects itself with shields and defensive modifiers.
  • Wight of Shadows

Removed Edit

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