These are all of the mobs added by the Betweenlands mod. Be on the lookout for the 'NYI' tage on their page; if it's there, that means the mob is not fully implemented in a currently released build of the mod.


  • Angler: A vicious flesh-eating fish that swims around in the waters of the Betweenlands.
  • Blood Snail: An aggressive snail that can squirt blood-red poison at its enemies.
  • Blind Cave Fish: A small fish that swims in the waters of the Betweenlands caverns.
  • Chiromaw: A hungry bat-like creature found hanging off the roofs of caverns.
  • Dark Druid: An insane Druid who chants around a druid altar in the Overworld swamps.
  • Dragonfly: A graceful insect that flies across the dark skies of the Betweenlands.
  • Fire Fly: A glowing insect that flies around and gives off light.
  • Frog: A small amphibian that just likes to hop around and mind its own business.
  • Gecko: A small lizard that hides in bushes, and can be caged and tested on to discover item aspects.
  • Harlequin Toad: A big, slimy amphibian that can be tamed and ridden.
  • Leech: A lowly worm that sucks the blood of other living things.
  • Lurker: A large, strong reptilian creature that attacks when provoked.
  • Mire Snail: A peaceful snail that can be farmed, unlike its ornery cousins.
  • Peat Mummy: An undead skeleton that rises up from the muddy marshes to attack the player.
  • Pyrad: An infuriated and corrupted nature spirit that shoots flames at anyone who opposes it.
  • Shallowbreath: A cloud of sentient fumes that chokes the life out of nearby players.
  • Silt Crab: An annoying crustacean that bites the toes of passersby before scuttling out of reach.
  • Sludge: A slime-like mob that lies in wait for its prey in the sludge plains.
  • Sporeling: A skittish mushroom creature that prefers living near shelf fungus.
  • Swamp Hag: A common undead monster that stalks the swamps of the Betweenlands.
  • Tar Beast: A hulking monster made out of tar that resides in tar pits.
  • Tar Minion: A craftable little tar-based creature that will attack hostile mobs.
  • Termite: A pesky insect that occasionally comes out of rotten logs and pots.
  • Wight: A twisted, spirit-like entity that looks sad on the outside, but lashes out if taken too lightly.

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Upcoming MobsEdit

  • Boulder Sprite: A living boulder that resides underground.
  • Mud Golem: A figure assembled with mud to serve the player.
  • Stalker: A terrifying and elusive creature that hunts in the caverns.
  • Temple Guardian: One of three variants of the stone guardians of ancient temples.

Upcoming Bosses Edit

  • Prime Wight: The terrible overlord of the Betweenlands, resigned to his fate through his own actions.

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