The Middle Gem Circle is a combat/PvP mechanic.

Middle Gems can be applied to tools, swords and armour, as well as empty Amulets. These apply modifiers to the equipment that forms a circle depending on the type of Middle Gem used. These modifiers give an advantage over one other type of middle gem equipment when using it in combat, but a disadvantage over the other. Using this against non-Middle Gem applied equipment or equipment of the same Middle Gem provides no benefits over it. In addition, each middle gem gives a special boost to the player when using equipment equipped with them. The number of amulets gem-enhanced players can equip can be increased with an Amulet Slot.

  • Aqua Middle Gem equipment is powerful against Crimson Gems but weak against Green Middle Gem equipment. Aqua Gems have a chance to provide an additional Resistance II defense boost when attacked and to apply a Weakness effect to the target when attacking.
  • Crimson Middle Gem equipment is powerful against Green Middle Gem equipment but weak against Aqua Middle Gem equipment. Crimson Gems have a chance to damage the attacker (similar to the vanilla Thorns enchantment) when attacked, and to provide an additional Strength effect and knockback boost to the player when attacking.
  • Green Middle Gem equipment is powerful against Aqua Gems but weak against Crimson Gems. Green Gems have a chance to provide an additional healing boost to the player when dealing damage, and to apply the vanilla Absorption II effect to absorb damage when attacked. Said healing boost heals by 50% of the damage dealt.

This provides the option for more interesting PvP. In addition, Swamp Hags, Wights, Tar Beasts, Peat Mummies, and the Dreadful Peat Mummy can sometimes have a modifier or more applied to them, which works the same way when fighting them, only benefiting themselves. Middle Gem-enhanced entities, including the player, show middle gems circling around themselves depending on the types applied.

Finally, Middle Gem Amulets can be equipped onto player-serving entities (Tar Minions and tamed Harlequin Toads, and in the future Mud Golems), applying the entity with the gem modifier that affects the player they are assigned to as well as the entity's own attacks. Amulet Slots can also increase the number of amulets that can be applied to one entity.

Middle Gem Recipes Edit

  1. 1 sword, armour piece, or Empty Amulet + 1 Middle Gem = applies Middle Gem to equipment (equipment and gem type shown as example)
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