Middle Gem Amulet
Compostable No
Stackable No
First Appearance Beta 1.0.0
2016-03-13 17.41.54

Equipping/unequipping amulets

2016-02-26 20.28.18

The visual effect around a player wearing amulets

Middle Gem Amulets are unique craftable items. There are three varieties - Aqua, Crimson, and Green.

Recipes Edit

  1. 1 Amulet Socket + 5 Reed Rope = 1 Empty Amulet
    Empty Amulet
  2. 1 Empty Amulet + 1 Middle Gem = applies Middle Gem to amulet (gem type shown as example)
    Aqua Middle Gem Amulet rec

How to Use Edit

Filled Middle Gem Amulets can be equipped onto the player by right-clicking them, equipping them in a unique invisible slot beside the hotbar. At first, only one can be equipped at a time, but using the Amulet Slot one can add two extra slots for a maximum of three equipped amulets at once; however, beware as these extra slots will disappear upon death. For each applied amulet a corresponding gem will rotate around the player.

Middle Gem Amulets are used as part of the Radial Equipment Menu, which is opened by pressing F (by default). It displays any amulets equipped onto the player (in red tab) as well as amulets in their inventory (in green tab); these amulets can be both equipped and 'unquipped' with a left click. This allows for easy management of player-applied amulets.

When equipped, Middle Gem Amulets will provide bonuses to the player or mob depending on the Middle Gem Circle mechanic:

  • Aqua Middle Gem Amulet: Strength against crimson gem-equipped targets, weak against green gem-equipped targets. Has a chance to provide a defense boost when struck.
  • Crimson Middle Gem Amulet: Strength against green gem-equipped targets, weak against aqua gem-equipped targets. Has a chance to provide a damage and knockback boost when striking.
  • Green Middle Gem Amulet: Strength against aqua gem-equipped targets, weak against crimson gem-equipped targets. Has a chance to provide a healing boost when striking.

A single random Middle Gem Amulet has a chance to be found equipped on Swamp Hags, Wights, Tar Beasts, Peat Mummies, and the Dreadful Peat Mummy. The gem is visible around the mob and applies it with the same benefits as the player would receive. For example, a Swamp Hag with an aqua gem amulet would take less damage from players equipped with Crimson gem equipment and could also receive a defense boost when dealing damage, but also takes more damage from players equipped with Green gem equipment. The amulet will not drop from the mob if they are killed.

Middle Gem Amulets can also be applied to player-defending mobs (Tar Minions and tamed Harlequin Toads, and in the future Mud Golems) by right-clicking them with the amulet; it can be taken off them by shift-right clicking them with an empty hand and will also drop if they die. In addition to applying the bonus to the mobs' attacks themselves, any player-defending mobs equipped with amulets will also directly benefit the player who applied them.

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