2016-01-27 22.18.23

The first type of Marsh

2016-01-27 22.11.42

The second type of Marsh

2016-08-06 10.44.56

Another view of the Marsh with a Giant Weedwood Tree, Gas Clouds, and a Wight Fortress

Marshes are characterized by small landmasses scattered in water. There are two types, one with larger landmasses and one with many smaller landmasses. "They" appear more frequently in this biome during Dense Fog.  The water is noticeably more yellow here.

Composition Edit

Mobs Edit

In addition to Fire Flies, Wights, and rarely Chiromaws as usual, Peat Mummies and Gas Clouds can spawn here. This is also one of the only two biomes that the Dreadful Peat Mummy can be summoned in.

Structures Edit

The biome is dotted by occasional small and rarely large Weedwood Trees. Marsh Ruins and Shrine Dungeons generate relatively commonly here, the ruins in clusters. The Wight Fortress is a rare and important generated structure that can be found here.

Video Edit

Betweenlands Showcase- Marsh01:36

Betweenlands Showcase- Marsh

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