Lurker Skin Armor
Compostable No
Armor Helmet: 1 (Halfarmor)

Chestplate: 3


Leggings: 2 (Armor) Boots: 1 (Halfarmor)

Durability Helmet: 132

Chestplate: 192

Leggings: 180

Boots: 156

Stackable No
First Appearance Beta 1.0.0
2016-03-26 23.13.29

Lurker Skin Armor ingame

Lurker Skin Armor is a basic armor set.

Recipe Edit

  1. Lurker Skin Armor (uses Lurker Skin)
  2. 1 Lurker Skin Armor piece + 1 Middle Gem = applies Middle Gem to armor piece (piece and gem type shown as example)
    Syrmorite Chestplate with Crimson Gem

Stats Edit

A full set of Lurker Skin Armor will have 7 armor points, or 3.5 armor icons, and absorb 28% of damage from the player at the expense of durability. Wearing full Lurker Skin Armor will also provide many underwater bonuses: increased movement speed in water, decreased rate at which breath goes down, the ability to 'float' at one elevation in water, and slightly less reduced underwater mining speed.

As with all armor, all pieces of Lurker Skin Armor can be equipped with Middle Gems as part of the Middle Gem Circle and to apply an additional buff to the player wearing them. The type of gem equipped can be seen visibly on the armor as well as in its tooltip.

History Edit

  • Beta 1.0.0: Introduced.

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