The Story of The Betweenlands Edit

In the beginning when the Overworld's light was just beginning to shine and the eternal flames of Nether had just began to burn, a vast empty space lay between the two realms, on the boundaries of the Void.

Though it was dark and lifeless, wisps of raw energy left over from the dawn of time flowed here, thus giving it potential to grow, to breathe and in time become a fully-fledged dimension.

All it needed now was the smallest spark of life.

Many moons later, something extraordinary happened.

Purely by chance, a thin, narrow crack appeared high up in the sky.

This crack was an inter-dimensional rift between the realms of Minecraftia, and acted as a doorway to the dark area in between.

The time had come!

Life force surged through the rift from the Overworld faster than the speed of light, and planted the seed of creation on the other side.

The Betweenlands was born.

Over the years, a race of NPCs inhabited the young dimension.

These people were strong, proud and hard working.

Together, they built up an empire worthy of the great god Notch himself.

Though these people were kind and caring at heart, they all shared a tremendous lust for power, and in particular the ability to wield great magic.

This minor fault of theirs would soon become the cause of their demise.

Revil O' Elcanrab was a wise and powerful Druid, who was entirely fluent in the language of magic, Java.

He believed that if he could harness the dark forces of the Nether, he could twist them and use the result as a weapon of peace.

Him and his followers, the Angry Pixels, worked both day and night to conjure up the elements needed to open up a portal from their world to the fiery pits of the Nether.

Eventually, the time came to light the frame of Obsidian.

Unknown to them, it would destroy their world.

The great evil swept across the land from the portal like blood from a wound.

One by one, the people of the Betweenlands were transformed into Wights; beings of pure hatred, neither living nor dead.

The darkness consumed all.

Revil O' Elcanrab opened his eyes, but he didn't breath, for he was no longer the man he used to be.

He was no longer a man at all.

He was a phantom entity, and his mind, body and soul had been corrupted.

His head hung low, with a sad, mournful expression playing across his face.

But he didn't feel grief... he didn't feel anything at all any more.

Just the burning malice in his black heart.

He was The Prime Wight, and the people of the Betweenlands existed only to serve him.

He had got just what he had wanted; he now wielded unimaginable power.

In the Overworld, this activity had not gone without notice.

A small covenant of Druids attempted to heal the wounds left behind, but upon being exposed to this power, slowly became insane.

It seemed that all was lost, until after long years had passed, a remarkable invidual decided they needed to step in.

This brave young soul went by the name of (player name), and was well known for creating amazing architectural designs and redstone contraptions.

They valiantly defeated the powerful Dark Druids, and took possession of the uncompleted Talisman, a magical tool needed to open a portal to The Betweenlands.

Using an alter, a device keyed into the energies of the Betweenlands, the Talisman was carefully assembled and what the Druids has originally set out to do was finally completed.

The portal, was opened.

(player name) met and befriended the many nomadic tribes of the land, and agreed to help them in exchange for the ancient relics needed to bypass the defences and travel to the Prime Wight's Domain.

There, they would face the beast itself alone, and free the land of its terrible curse.

(player name) dropped down into the dark depths below, unknowing of what they would find.

The battle was long and hard, and the Wight's dark energies took its toll on the(player name).

Despite this, they remarkably pulled through, and the tyrant was dead.

Hundreds of thousands of years of pain and suffering was over at last.

The blanket of shade was lifted, andf light shone upon the forgotten realm once more.

The Wights were forced back down to the fiery pits from whence they came, deep down in the Nether.

The people of The Betweenlands were overjoyed, and celebrated in their saviour's name.

A great festival was created in their honour, and is held once every year on the (current date)

The name of that bold adventurer will be passed down through generations, undying, never forgotten...

(player name), you have saved the world.

Video Edit

An animation by Timinations depicting the primary story of the Betweenlands:

Minecraft Animation- Revil O' Elcanrab (Betweenlands)

Minecraft Animation- Revil O' Elcanrab (Betweenlands)

Lore Scraps (Click to maximize) Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • The writing on all of the lore scraps was written by user WightofShadows; The scrap textures themselves were created by MrCompost.
  • The Lore Scrap "Note from a Fallen Shadow" directly references WightofShadows.