2015-10-25 19.50.46

A Lake Cavern

2016-08-06 10.16.55

A huge Lake Cavern with Underground Ruins

2016-08-06 10.19.20

A lake formed as part of the Caverns, with swimming Anglers

The Lake Cavern layer of the Betweenlands begins below the normal Cavern layer and continues down until it touches Bedrock. Caves and ravines continue to generate down here, but at the bottom of this layer they are completely flooded, forming the lakes. The same underground ambient track plays here as in the normal Cavern layer.

Composition Edit

Mobs Edit

Swamp Hags, Wights, and Chiromaws can spawn down here, Anglers and Blind Cave Fish in the water, and rarely Harlequin Toads if the above biome supports them.

Structures Edit

The layer has occasional Stagnant Water PoolsUnderground Ruins and Underground Oases can generate somewhat uncommonly down here.

Loot Edit

Pots occasionally spawn in these caves as rewards, using common_pot_loot as their loot table.

Sounds Edit


History Edit

  • Beta 2.0.0: Added Ravines and Underground Oases to generation.
    • Significantly reduced the number of Pots of Chance that spawn.
  • Beta 1.0.0: Introduced.

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