These are all of the items added by the Betweenlands mod. Be on the lookout for the 'NYI' tage on their page; if it's there, that means the item is not fully implemented in a currently released build of the mod.

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Other Items Edit

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Upcoming Edit

  • Artefacts: Collectible loot treasures with various forms.
  • Elder Staff: A drop from the Tribal Elder that lets you set spawn point.
  • Eye of the Middle: An item used to find the Prime Wight's Domain.
  • Glowing Jelly: A drop from both variants of Jellyfish.
  • Glowstick: Items that can be thrown to provide light, even while underwater.
  • Idols: Items of great value found in Ancient Temples, with three variants.
  • Needler Root: A drop from Needlers.
  • Phantom Bow: A rare bow capable of shooting four additional arrows at once.
  • Pyrad Shield: A special equippable item that provides protection from three sides.
  • Pyrad Staff: A very rare item that allows one to adjust the length of a Betweenlands day.
  • Rubber Shield: A special shield that entities bounce off of.
  • Scout (item): An 'equippable' entity that can be used to scout ahead of the player.
  • Shadow Staff: A unique item capable of dragging and throwing mobs.
  • Solid Tar Shield: A special shield that can block Tar Beast attacks.
  • Spirit Fruit: Special fruit obtained from Spirit Trees.
  • Tribal Pants: An armor drop from Tribals.
  • Tribal Spear: A weapon drop from Tribal Guards that can be thrown.
  • Whip: A tool that can reel similarly to a fishing pole, but is not used for fishing.

Removed Edit

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