These are all of the items added by the Betweenlands mod. Be on the lookout for the 'NYI' tag on their page; if it's there, that means the item is not fully implemented in a currently released build of the mod.

Materials Edit

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Herblore Edit

  • Aspect Vials: Vials of a specific aspect usable in infusing.
  • IconAspectrusFruit Aspectrus Fruit: Fruit from a unique crop that is infused with an aspect.
  • IconDentrothystVial Dentrothyst Vials: Containers for Infusions.
  • Ground Items: Various materials ground in the Mortar, used in infusions.
  • IconHerbloreBook Herblore Book: A book that details Aspect effects and recipes based on observations.
  • Infusion Buckets: Buckets containing any infusion concocted at the Infuser.
  • Infusions: The Betweenlands equivalent of potions, with varying special effects.
  • IconPestle Pestle: Can be combined with a Mortar to grind certain items.
  • Plant Items: Various parts of different plants that can be ground.
  • IconSickle Sickle: A tool capable of harvesting plant items from various Betweenlands plants.

Other Items Edit

  • IconMiddleGemAmulet Amulet: A unique accessory that provides different gem-based bonuses.
  • IconAmuletSlot Amulet Slot: Capable of granting additional amulet equip slots to the player.
  • IconAngryPebble Angry Pebble: An explosive drop from Boulder Sprites.
  • IconAspectrusSeeds Aspectrus Seeds: Used to grow Aspectrus.
  • IconCavingRope Caving Rope: An item useful for finding your path in the dark Betweenlands caverns.
  • IconToughClimbingRope Climbing Rope: An item that can be placed to create climbable ropes.
  • IconCompost Compost: An item essential to the Betweenland's agriculture system.
  • IconDoors Doors: Functioning doors for the Betweenlands.
  • IconFireFly Firefly (item): A Firefly caught with the Net.
  • IconGecko Gecko (item): A Gecko caught with the Net.
  • IconGroundDriedSwampReed Ground Dried Swamp Reed: An item that serves as a fertilizer for Betweenlands plants.
  • IconInanimateTarminion Inanimate Tarminion: Items left behind by Tar Minions.
  • IconLifeCrystal Life Crystal: Used as a power source for the animation process.
  • IconLimestoneFlux Limestone Flux: A material that can increase ore smelting output.
  • IconLoreScrap Lore Scrap: Pieces of various writing left behind by previous observers.
  • IconMossBed Moss Bed: A bed that sets a player's spawn point in the Betweenlands.
  • IconMudBrickFlowerPot Mud Brick Flower Pot: The Betweenlands variant of the normal Flower Pot.
  • IconMummyBait Mummy Bait: A horrific almagamation that could attract some...unwelcome attention.
  • Music Discs: Special items that play unique music tracks.
  • IconPlantTonic Plant Tonic: Used to 'purify' Betweenlands crops.
  • IconPotofChance Pot of Chance: Pots containing various loot.
  • IconPyradFlame Pyrad Flame: Weaponized fire derived from the Pyrads.
  • IconRingofAscent Ring of Ascent: A special equippable ring that provides nature-boosted levitation.
  • IconRingofPower Ring of Power: A special equippable ring that boosts defense and attack.
  • IconRingofRecruitment Ring of Recruitment: A special equippable ring that allows one to 'recruit' mobs.
  • IconRingofSummoning Ring of Summoning: A special equippable ring that summons allies from the depths.
  • IconShimmerstone Shimmerstone: A throwable item that can distract Peat Mummies.
  • IconSpores Spores: A drop from Sporelings used to grow Yellow Dotted Fungus.
  • IconSwampTalisman Swamp Talisman: An item obtained in Druid circles that allows access to the Betweenlands.
  • IconSyrmoriteHopper Syrmorite Hopper: A functioning hopper for the Betweenlands.
  • IconTarMinion Tar Minion (item): Entities that can be thrown to attack enemies.
  • IconVoodooDoll Voodoo Doll: A powerful item that can deal a lot of damage to mobs in a radius around the user.
  • IconWeedwoodRowboat Weedwood Rowboat: Used to swim the waters of the Betweenlands more efficiently.
  • IconWeedwoodSign Weedwood Sign: A writable sign for the Betweenlands.
  • IconPurplePearBushSeeds White Pear Seeds: Used to grow White Pear Bushes.
  • IconWillotheWisp Wisp: Colored flames that can be collected during Auroras.

Currently Unused Edit

Removed Edit

  • Crocodile Skin
  • Crocodile Skin Armour
  • Slimy Bonemeal
  • Swamp Reed Powder
  • Weedwood Bucket of Oil
  • Weedwood Bucket of Slime
  • Weedwood Hoe
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