The Betweenlands mod is currently unreleased as a full version. However, there are two ways you can obtain a beta version (Keep in mind, it is not finished and can be buggy):

Note: To install the mod through either of these ways, you will need to download and install Minecraft Forge first.

-You can download the mod from the Curse Forge site, found here, where official releases and updates are uploaded. Simply click Download for the latest build, and then drop the downloaded file into the .minecraft/mods folder like with other mods, and run Minecraft with Forge through the launcher. Although this is a simpler process and provides a more stable version, it is not always the most up-to-date as new changes are made throughout the time in between updates that are not uploaded to these versions until ready to be released.

-The mod is also available for download on Github and development of the mod is committed there whenever it is worked on. If you want to try this mod in its absolute latest stage, you can follow these steps (for Windows). Note that this is a lengthier, more confusing process, and may produce a more unstable version.

This process requires the Java SDK, found here. After installing it, follow these steps to set it up properly.

How to install through Github:

  1. Go to the Github repository link, found here. You can do one of two things here. You can click Download ZIP near the top-right corner to download the .zip directly. Alternatively, if you have Github Desktop installed, you can press the clipboard-shaped button to the left of the download button, press the plus sign at the top left corner of the Desktop program, tab to Create, and paste the repository link you copied in the empty bar (you can also choose the file path you want it to install to from here). Through this second method you can simply press "Sync" on the program whenever the repository updates to get the latest code without having to redownload, but it is entirely optional.
  2. Navigate to the .zip you downloaded and extract it to somewhere on your computer using an extractor program such as WinRAR (this step is only necessary if you have downloaded it directly from the Github website).
  3. After unzipping/syncing the BL download, you get a folder named The-Betweenlands or The-Betweenlands-master. Shift right click on the folder. There should be an option to open command prompt there, just click on that and then you have your file location. Then type 'gradlew build' after the line in your command prompt, press enter, and the build will begin compiling. After a certain amount of time it will be done and you can close the command prompt.
    The universal .jar should end up in build>libs.
  4. Navigate to your .minecraft directory. This can be found by typing "%AppData%" (w/out quotes) into the start menu. From there, click Roaming, and then .minecraft.
  5. If you don't already have a mods folder under .minecraft, click new folder and name it "mods" (again, w/out quotes). Drop the .zip file you found into the mods folder.
  6. Start the Minecraft launcher. Click the arrow to the right of the Profile bar and select the version of Forge you downloaded. Then launch the game.
  7. Success!

Compatibility Edit

As the Betweenlands is run on Minecraft Forge, it is compatible with almost any other mod. Notable incompatible mods or types of mods are shown below.

  • Shader mods: If you are using outside shader mods with the Betweenlands mod, you may experience several visual glitches and issues, as the Betweenlands uses its own custom shaders which conflict with outside shaders.
  • Biomes o' Plenty (or any other major biome mod, really): You may experience biome ID conflicts with the Betweenlands's biomes. Simply change the IDs in the mod's config to unused IDs and you should be set.

Modpack Policy Edit

Modpacks are allowed for use with the Betweenlands as long as they are non-profit. However, the mod is designed to fit with vanilla, so you should not expect any balancing with mods that you use, and it may break the consistency of the game. (This policy is subject to change in the future)

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