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NOTICE: These items have been temporarily removed in the latest version of the mod, and will be returning in a future update.
Infusions are the Betweenlands equivalent of Potions, and the end result of Herblore. They are created by putting Weedwood Infusion Buckets, created in the Infuser with items assigned to various Aspects and the correct amount of time, into the Alembic. The Alembic will emit steam for a few minutes before it will stop steaming to signify it is done, and resulting infusions can be collected with Dentrothyst Vials (Orange vials are required for special infusions). Making sure the combination and time of the infusion in the bucket is correct is key, for otherwise distilling it will instead yield separate Aspect Vials.

Functions Edit

Infusions can have varying effects, from similar effects to vanilla's potions to entirely new and unique ones. The resulting amount of infusions depends on the sum of all decimal amounts of the mixed aspects. Strength and duration are affected by the amount of two aspects for strength and duration. Which aspects affect duration and/or strength depends on the infusion recipe. Normal infusions have a fixed recipe that doesn't depend on the world seed. Which aspects affect strength and/or duration of the infusion is mentioned in the potion recipe in the Herblore Book. Special infusions have a random recipe that depends on the world seed. Recipes for said special infusions can be found as loot and will add an Herblore Book entry when read.

Infusions can be thrown like vanilla Splash Potions by simply pressing shift and holding right-clicking to aim. The longer you hold the Infusion to throw, the farther it will travel. As usual, it will apply the effect to all entities in a splash radius effect where it lands.

When infusions are consumed normally (not thrown), they leave behind a Dirty Dentrothyst Vial. This vial must be cleaned in the Purifier before it can be used again, like so:

Green Dentrothyst Vial 2

 Aspect Recipes Edit

The following recipes are based off of the ingredients used, which have randomly generated aspects on them. For most recipes, combining a specific combination of aspects will yield a specific type of Infusion. However, special potions have only two base aspects required, while the rest are randomized per world seed. Tiers determine how many aspects are used in the creation, as well as the tier of their types. Aspects that have 'strength' and 'duration' labels mean that they act as the upgrading ingredient for that infusion: Adding one more of the aspect to the infusion recipe with 'strength' will increase the potency of its effect, while adding one more of the 'duration' aspect will increase the amount of time it lasts for.

Tier 1:

  1. Azuwynn (Muscle, strength) + Ordaniis (Enhance, duration) = Elixir of Strength
  2. Azuwynn (Muscle) + Ordaniis (Enhance, duration) + Yunugaz (Wind, strength) = Nimblefeet Elixir
  3. Yeowynn (Health, strength) + Ordaniis (Enhance, duration) = Elixir of Healing
  4. Yeowynn (Health) + Ordaniis (Enhance, duration) + Dayuniis (Mind, strength) = Elixir of Ripening
  5. Azuwynn (Muscle) + Yeowynn (Health, strength) + Celawynn (Stomach, duration) = Toughskin Elixir
  6. Yeowynn (Health) + Ordaniis (Enhance, duration) + Celawynn (Stomach, strength) = Elixir of Feasting

Tier 2:

  1. Freiwynn (Vision, strength) + Dayuniis (Mind, duration) + Ordaniis (Enhance) + Firnalaz (Fire) = Hunter's Sense Brew
  2. Dayuniis (Mind, duration) + Armaniis (Desire, strength) + Byariis (Corruption) = Masking Brew
  3. Azuwynn (Muscle, strength) + Dayuniis (Mind) + Yunugaz (Wind) + Ordaniis (Enhance, duration) = Swiftarm Brew
  4. Freiwynn (Vision, strength) + Dayuniis (Mind, duration) + Ordaniis (Enhance) + Geoliirgaz (Void) = Brew of the Cat's Eye

Tier 3:

  1. Freiwynn (Vision, strength) + Dayuniis (Mind, duration) + Byariis (Corruption) + Ordaniis (Enhance) + Armaniis (Desire) = Draught of Sagittarius
  2. Azuwynn (Muscle, strength) + Fergalaz (Earth) + Dayuniis (Mind) + Yihinren (Form, duration) + Yunugaz (Wind) = Spiderbreed Draught
  3. Azuwynn (Muscle) + Byrginaz (Water) + Yunugaz (Wind, strength) + Yihinren (Form, duration) + Geoliirgaz (Void) = Lightweight Draught
  4. Dayuniis (Mind, duration) + Freiwynn (Vision) + Geoliirgaz (Void, strength) + Ordaniis (Enhance) + Yunugaz (Wind) = Draught of the Unclouded

Special Infusions (These have a base of at least two aspects that are always used, but the rest of the aspects are random)

  1. Yihinren (Form, duration) + Byrginaz (Water, strength) + random aspects = Shapeshifter's Draught of Gillsgrowth
  2. Yihinren (Form, duration) + Yunugaz (Wind, strength) + random aspects = Shapeshifter's Draught of Wings
  3. Yihinren (Form, duration) + Dayuniis (Mind, strength) + random aspects = Hunter's Sense Masterbrew

To make Anti-Infusion:

  1. Aspects of positive infusion + Byariis (Corruption) = Anti-Infusion

Infusions and their Effects Edit

Tier 1 Infusions are called Elixirs:

  1. Elixir of Strength: Increases damage output (similar to the vanilla Strength effect).
    Elixir of Strength
  2. Nimblefeet Elixir: Increases movement speed (similar to the vanilla Swiftness effect).
    Nimblefeet Elixir
  3. Elixir of Healing: Heals the health bar over time (similar to the vanilla Regeneration effect).
    Elixir of Healing
  4. Elixir of Ripening: Heals the decay bar over time (same effect as is provided by Weeping Blue Petals).
    Elixir of Ripening
  5. Toughskin Elixir: Provides immunity to the damage that harmful plants (Nettles, Poison Ivy, and Thorns) cause.
    Toughskin Elixir
  6. Elixir of Feasting: Heals the hunger bar over time (similar to the vanilla Saturation effect).
    Elixir of Feasting

Tier 2 Infusions are called Brews:

  1. Hunter's Sense Brew: Provides the ability to see "scent trails" of mobs. These are trails of bubble particles that repeatedly trace the path that mobs have walked.
    Hunter's Sense Brew
  2. Masking Brew: Makes other entities unable to see the affected, up to a few blocks away. Note that once they notice you they will be able to see you from the normal distance again.
    Masking Brew
  3. Swiftarm Brew: Makes the player's arm able to automatically swing when the button is held. This allows for easier sword striking, increased mining speed, and increased bow drawing speed.
    Swiftarm Brew
  4. Brew of the Cat's Eye: Provides the vanilla Night Vision effect, allowing the affected to see more easily in darkness.
    Brew of the Cat's Eye

Tier 3 Infusions are called Draughts:

  1. Draught of Sagittarius: Reveals a curved line to the player when they hold the Weedwood Bow, allowing them to track a fired arrow's flight path.
    Draught of Sagittarius
  2. Spiderbreed Draught: Provides the ability to climb up and slide down all blocks, almost as if they had ladders on them, albeit more slowly.
    Spiderbreed Draught
  3. Lightweight Draught: Provides the ability to slowly walk on water.
    Lightweight Draught
  4. Draught of the Unclouded: Removes the fog of the Betweenlands from the player's vision.
    Draught of the Unclouded

Special Infusions (NYI):

  1. Shapeshifter's Draught of Gillsworth: Turns the player into a fish, providing them increased movement speed underwater and the ability to breathe underwater.
  2. Shapeshifter's Draught of Wings: Turns the player into a Dragonfly, providing them the ability to fly while also making them targets for Lurkers and their leaping tactic.
  3. Hunter's Sense Masterbrew: Provides the ability to see mobs through blocks.

Anti-Infusions: These infusions are essentially opposites of the positive Infusions, and can be created by adding Byariis (Corruption) to the corresponding positive infusion's recipe in the Infuser, yielding an infusion of the opposite effect:

  1. Elixir of Weakness: Reduces damage output (similar to the vanilla Weakness effect).
  2. Lumbering Elixir: Decreases movement speed (similar to the vanilla Slowness effect).
  3. Elixir of Draining: Drains the health bar over time.
  4. Elixir of Decay: Drains the decay bar faster than usual.
  5. Poisonsting Elixir: Inflicts the vanilla Poison effect, draining health over time.
  6. Elixir of Starvation: Drains the hunger bar faster than usual (similar to the vanilla Hunger effect).

Tier II:

  1. Drunkard's Brew: Inflicts the vanilla Nausea effect, causing the screen to wobble.
  2. Stenching Brew: Increases the range that mobs can spot the affected by 8 blocks.
  3. Slugarm Brew: Decreases the player's arm swing speed and decreases bow drawing speed.
  4. Blindman's Brew: Inflicts the vanilla Blindness effect, reducing vision to a few blocks in each direction and negating the ability to sprint.

Tier III:

  1. Weakbow Draught: Severely reduces the distance that a player can launch an arrow from a bow.
  2. Basilisk Draught: Completely freezes the affected in place (same effect as is inflicted by Basilisk Arrows).
  3. Heavyweight Draught: Negates the ability to swim, as well as causing the affected to sink in Mud even if Rubber Boots are equipped.
  4. Draught of the Fogged Mind: Causes a very dense fog to close in around the player.

Special potions (NYI):

  1. Shapeshifter's Draught of the Deformed: Deforms the player, causing them to suffocate.
  2. Shapeshifter's Draught of the Limbless: Removes the player's limbs, disabling them of movement, clicking, or item use. It also does a bit of damage to them over time.
  3. Masterbrew of Isolated Senses: Blinds the player, mutes mob sounds and causes slight nausea to them.

History Edit

  • Beta 2.0.0: Temporarily removed.
  • Beta 1.0.5: Fixed increasing fall damage using the Lightweight Draught to walk on water.
  • Beta 1.0.0: Introduced.

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