NOTICE: The functionality of this block has been temporarily removed in the latest version of the mod, and will be returning in a future update.
The Infuser is a utility block that is capable of mixing together various Ground Items and/or Aspect Vials in order to create Weedwood Infusion Buckets. It is the first process involved with creating drinkable Infusions.

Recipe Edit

  1. 5 Octine Ingots + 2 Weedwood Sticks + 1 Pestle = 1 Infuser

How to Use (Outdated) Edit

The Infuser requires a boiling temperature order to function, and this can be done by placing it directly above an active fire. Water should be added first by right-clicking the Infuser with a Weedwood Water Bucket (up to three buckets can be added, and can be removed with empty Weedwood Buckets). Being exposed to the fire will cause the temperature to start slowly going up, and it will decrease at twice this rate should the fire be extinguished. The reason you should add water first is that, for every bucket of water added after it is already heating, the current temperature will be reduced by a third. You can tell when it is at boiling temperature when the Infuser begins to steam and bubble, with a sound effect.

This is when you can start adding ingredients. From then on you can add any mixture of Ground Items and/or Aspect Vials that you desire by right clicking on the Infuser with them, and can be removed by shift-right clicking. Specific infusions require a specific combination of Aspects from the items used in order to be created; the aspects are randomized per world seed, so the same combination of items will not always work in every world. Non-specific Aspect combinations may still be used for creating Aspect Vials. When in progress, the color of the liquid inside fades from a lighter blue to a dark blue.

Once the ingredients are added you must also right-click the Infuser with an empty hand in order to stir the brew and keep it from evaporating. One water bucket worth of water will evaporate for every 30 seconds that the brew is not stirred; stirring and adding water both reset this counter. Be warned that whenever liquid in an Infuser evaporates, a dangerous Gas Cloud will spawn (it will take on the color that the infusion was before evaporating).

The infusion must be stirred for a specific amount of time before the color of the liquid inside changes suddenly to the color of the Infusion being brewed, at which point it is ready to be collected. The Infusion's stirring can be automated by right clicking the Infuser with a Life Crystal with charge, which will stir the brew every 30 seconds on its own as long as it has enough charge left and the brew has been manually stirred at least once. The Life Crystal can be removed if necessary by shift right clicking again, but only if the infusion is fully completed; each round of Infusions completed in an Infuser drains 3% of the crystal's charge.

When the brew is boiled and maintained for the correct amount of time, it will be completed, making a sound to indicate so and changing color drastically, and the non-distilled infusion can be collected by shift right-clicking the Infuser with an empty Weedwood Bucket. Non-valid combinations and combinations that are not infused for long enough may still be collected, but they will yield Aspect Vials in the Alembic rather than Infusions. If the infusion is invalid, the liquid turns to a purple/pink color. If an Infusion is brewed for too long, the liquid turns to a brown color and will also only yield Aspect Vials in the Alembic.

2015-08-04 10.00.01

Working Infuser(can see that it is being driven by a Life Crystal)

Infuser Brewing Recipes Edit

The following recipes are based on the ingredients used, which have randomly generated aspects on them. For most recipes, combining a specific combination of aspects will yield a specific type of Infusion. However, special potions have only two base aspects required, while the rest are randomized per world seed. Tiers determine how many aspects are used in the creation, as well as the tier of their types. Aspects that have 'strength' and 'duration' labels mean that they act as the upgrading ingredient for that infusion: Adding one more of the aspect to the infusion recipe with 'strength' will increase the potency of its effect, while adding one more of the 'duration' aspect will increase the amount of time it lasts for.

Tier 1:

  1. Azuwynn (Muscle, strength) + Ordaniis (Enhance, duration) = Elixir of Strength
  2. Azuwynn (Muscle) + Ordaniis (Enhance, duration) + Yunugaz (Wind, strength) = Nimblefeet Elixir
  3. Yeowynn (Health, strength) + Ordaniis (Enhance, duration) = Elixir of Healing
  4. Yeowynn (Health) + Ordaniis (Enhance, duration) + Dayuniis (Mind, strength) = Elixir of Ripening
  5. Azuwynn (Muscle) + Yeowynn (Health, strength) + Celawynn (Stomach, duration) = Toughskin Elixir
  6. Yeowynn (Health) + Ordaniis (Enhance, duration) + Celawynn (Stomach, strength) = Elixir of Feasting

Tier 2:

  1. Freiwynn (Vision, strength) + Dayuniis (Mind, duration) + Ordaniis (Enhance) + Firnalaz (Fire) = Hunter's Sense Brew
  2. Dayuniis (Mind, duration) + Armaniis (Desire, strength) + Byariis (Corruption) = Masking Brew
  3. Azuwynn (Muscle, strength) + Dayuniis (Mind) + Yunugaz (Wind) + Ordaniis (Enhance, duration) = Swiftarm Brew
  4. Freiwynn (Vision, strength) + Dayuniis (Mind, duration) + Ordaniis (Enhance) + Geoliirgaz (Void) = Brew of the Cat's Eye

Tier 3:

  1. Freiwynn (Vision, strength) + Dayuniis (Mind, duration) + Byariis (Corruption) + Ordaniis (Enhance) + Armaniis (Desire) = Draught of Sagittarius
  2. Azuwynn (Muscle, strength) + Fergalaz (Earth) + Dayuniis (Mind) + Yihinren (Form, duration) + Yunugaz (Wind) = Spiderbreed Draught
  3. Azuwynn (Muscle) + Byrginaz (Water) + Yunugaz (Wind, strength) + Yihinren (Form, duration) + Geoliirgaz (Void) = Lightweight Draught
  4. Dayuniis (Mind, duration) + Freiwynn (Vision) + Geoliirgaz (Void, strength) + Ordaniis (Enhance) + Yunugaz (Wind) = Draught of the Unclouded

Special Infusions (These have a base of at least two aspects that are always used, but the rest of the aspects are random)

  1. Yihinren (Form, duration) + Byrginaz (Water, strength) + random aspects = Shapeshifter's Draught of Gillsgrowth
  2. Yihinren (Form, duration) + Yunugaz (Wind, strength) + random aspects = Shapeshifter's Draught of Wings
  3. Yihinren (Form, duration) + Dayuniis (Mind, strength) + random aspects = Hunter's Sense Masterbrew

To make Anti-Infusion:

  1. Aspects of positive infusion + Byariis (Corruption) = Anti-Infusion

Sounds Edit


History Edit

  • Beta 2.0.0: Functionality temporarily removed.
  • Beta 1.0.2: Added infusion completion sound and made infusion completion more apparent.
  • Beta 1.0.0: Introduced.

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