Herblore is the process of combining various Ground Items, Aspect Vials, and/or Aspectrus Fruit and, based on their Aspects, using them to create Infusions, the Betweenlands' equivalent of potions.

Process Edit

The process of Herblore requires a multitude of different steps and resources in order to complete.

There are some items that you will need to make before you get started in Herblore. They are listed below.

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    The Herblore Book details a list of Aspects and Ground Items along with information that you have discovered on where to find them.

    Herblore Book: Crafted with Amate Paper and Lurker Skin. The Herblore Book is one of the most important items to have, as you must have it in your inventory to conduct Gecko testing. It is also an in-game list of Aspects, Ground Items, and Infusions along with their properties. It will note which Ground Items have which Aspects depending on what you discover through testing.
  • Sickle: Crafted with a Weedwood Stick, a Reed Rope, and Valonite Shards. This tool is extremely important as it is what you use to harvest plant items from the various plants found in the Betweenlands.
  • Net: Crafted with Weedwood Sticks and Reed Rope. This tool is used to capture Geckos for Gecko testing.
  • Dentrothyst Vials: Crafted with Green Dentrothyst/Orange Dentrothyst and Solid Rubber. These vials serve as the containers for both Infusions and Aspect Vials.

There are also a couple of utility blocks needed in this 'first' stage of Herblore.

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There is a plethora of different plants you can find on your journey.

To start out, use the Sickle and explore the Betweenlands for various different plants. Different types of plants will spawn in different biomes, and when broken using the Sickle they will drop their corresponding Plant Item, which is used to make the Ground Item. You should also take your Net and look for Geckos, which only spawn in Swamplands and Coarse Islands biomes. The Gecko will be captured in your inventory when right-clicked with the Net.

Use the Mortar to grind the Plant Items you find into Ground Items. Right-click the Gecko Cage with the captured Gecko to put it inside. From there, you can get started with Gecko testing.

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This Gecko has just experienced the effects of the Firnalaz aspect, giving him a fiery red color.

The Aspects on an item must be discovered through gecko testing if you want to know the specific items that are to be used in Infusions. As the same item can have a different Aspect or combination of Aspects per world seed, the actual combination of items used in brewing is not set in stone; rather, the combination of Aspects is, and these Aspects are not visible on the items when first starting out. Gecko testing can be started by right-clicking the Gecko Cage (with the Gecko inside) with any Ground Item as long as the Herblore Book is in the inventory (otherwise it will not work). The Gecko will react differently depending on the aspect that takes hold of it, emitting particles or changing appearance as well as displaying a message that states the aspect on the item that has been discovered. From then on, if an Herblore Book is in the inventory, that aspect can be viewed from the item used with the shift key while hovering over it, and a page will be made in the Herblore Book detailing this as well. There may be more Aspects to discover on this item, and an additional message will display if there are more to be discovered, or if all of them have been discovered. Note that the Gecko inside will need time to recover from the test before being tested again, and will eventually 'die' after having been tested on many times. Now, you know which items to use in brewing specific Infusions.

At this point you can get started with the 'second' stage of Herblore by making a couple more utility blocks.

Now you can begin the primary process of creation in Herblore. The Infuser must be lit with a fire underneath it (a permanent source of fire can be created by holding right-click with an Octine Ingot on a placed or dropped block or item of Moss, Cave Moss, or Thorns that is on top of Peat) and it must have water in it that is at boiling temperature. From then, any combination of Ground Items, Aspect Vials, and/or Aspectrus Fruit can be added; however, specific Infusions require specific combinations of Aspects from the items added, and there is a limit to how many items can be added at once. Make sure to stir the brew regularly; otherwise, the liquid inside will start evaporating, leaving in its wake a dangerous Shallowbreath.

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Much attention and care must be given during the process of infusing.

After stirring the brew and maintaining it for the correct amount of time, the resulting Infusion Bucket can then be obtained, which contains all Aspects of the combined ingredients. You will often need to distill the bucket into Aspect Vials at first, since it is likely the Aspects in the bucket are invalid for an Infusion and you will need to separate them out in order to be able to obtain valid combinations.

A valid, properly infused Infusion Bucket can then be put into an Alembic and, through its process, turned into a proper, drinkable Infusion that can be collected with Dentrothyst Vials. The Infusion obtained will depend on the combination of aspects in the Infusion Bucket used to create it. Invalid and/or unifinished Infusion Buckets will instead yield a varying amount of Aspect Vials, which are singular Aspects that can be used again in the Infuser to combine the correct aspects together for an infusion. Once you have your Infusion, you are done!

Optionally, should you continue to use Herblore, you may find it helpful to farm your Aspects. Aspects can be farmed with Aspectrus Plants after obtaining Aspect Vials from brewing. This can be done by right-clicking an idle, non-grown Aspectrus Plant with the Aspect Vial containing the aspect you desire to farm. When the plant is finished growing, it will drop Aspectrus Fruit and Aspectrus Seeds, both imbued with the corresponding aspect. The fruit can be used as another brewing ingredient that is much easier to obtain and maintain once you become very involved in Herblore.

You can also store Aspects easily by placing Dentrothyst Vials or Aspect Vials down as jars with the 'sneak' + 'use' keys. Each jar can store up to 5.0 amount of a single aspect and can be collected again as an Aspect Vial with the same amount.

Effects of Aspects on Infusions Edit

Besides determining the Infusion's actual affect, Aspects cause a few other tweaks to the Infusion. Aspects in Infusion Buckets and Aspect Vials have a specified amount, shown in their tooltip, which can determine the traits of the results further.

  • The potency and duration of the Infusion are determined by the ratio of certain specific Aspects within the Infusion Bucket used to make them. For example, the greater ratio of the aspect that effects potency, the more potent the Infusion is but the lesser its duration is, and vice versa. Which aspects affect potency and duration depends on the infusion recipe and are mentioned in the potion recipe in the Herblore Book. Infusions have a minimum potency level of 1 (I) and a maximum potency level of 5 (V). Their minimum and maximum durations depend on the type of Infusion.
  • On the other hand, the total amount of all aspects in the initial Infusion Bucket determines the number of resulting Infusions that can be obtained from it.

Infusion Recipes Edit

See the Aspects page for more on how to find these aspects. Additionally, see the Infusions page for more information on their effects.

Tier 1:

  1. Azuwynn (Muscle, strength) + Ordaniis (Enhance, duration) = Elixir of Strength
  2. Azuwynn (Muscle) + Ordaniis (Enhance, duration) + Yunugaz (Wind, strength) = Nimblefeet Elixir
  3. Yeowynn (Health, strength) + Ordaniis (Enhance, duration) = Elixir of Healing
  4. Yeowynn (Health) + Ordaniis (Enhance, duration) + Dayuniis (Mind, strength) = Elixir of Ripening
  5. Azuwynn (Muscle) + Yeowynn (Health, strength) + Celawynn (Stomach, duration) = Toughskin Elixir
  6. Yeowynn (Health) + Ordaniis (Enhance, duration) + Celawynn (Stomach, strength) = Elixir of Feasting

Tier 2:

  1. Freiwynn (Vision, strength) + Dayuniis (Mind, duration) + Ordaniis (Enhance) + Firnalaz (Fire) = Hunter's Sense Brew
  2. Dayuniis (Mind, duration) + Armaniis (Desire, strength) + Byariis (Corruption) = Masking Brew
  3. Azuwynn (Muscle, strength) + Dayuniis (Mind) + Yunugaz (Wind) + Ordaniis (Enhance, duration) = Swiftarm Brew
  4. Freiwynn (Vision, strength) + Dayuniis (Mind, duration) + Ordaniis (Enhance) + Geoliirgaz (Void) = Brew of the Cat's Eye

Tier 3:

  1. Freiwynn (Vision, strength) + Dayuniis (Mind, duration) + Byariis (Corruption) + Ordaniis (Enhance) + Armaniis (Desire) = Draught of Sagittarius
  2. Azuwynn (Muscle, strength) + Fergalaz (Earth) + Dayuniis (Mind) + Yihinren (Form, duration) + Yunugaz (Wind) = Spiderbreed Draught
  3. Azuwynn (Muscle) + Byrginaz (Water) + Yunugaz (Wind, strength) + Yihinren (Form, duration) + Geoliirgaz (Void) = Lightweight Draught
  4. Dayuniis (Mind, duration) + Freiwynn (Vision) + Geoliirgaz (Void, strength) + Ordaniis (Enhance) + Yunugaz (Wind) = Draught of the Unclouded

Special Infusions (These have a base of at least two aspects that are always used, but the rest of the aspects are random)

  1. Yihinren (Form, duration) + Byrginaz (Water, strength) + random aspects = Shapeshifter's Draught of Gillsgrowth
  2. Yihinren (Form, duration) + Yunugaz (Wind, strength) + random aspects = Shapeshifter's Draught of Wings
  3. Yihinren (Form, duration) + Dayuniis (Mind, strength) + random aspects = Hunter's Sense Masterbrew

To make Anti-Infusion:

  1. Aspects of positive infusion + Byariis (Corruption) = Anti-Infusion
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