Do Note: All information regarding Herblore, Aspects, and Infusions on this page are unimplemented in the latest version of the mod. It will be redone and re-added in the future.

Ground Items
Type Materials
Renewable No
Stackable Yes (64)
Compostable Yes
ID items_crushed

Ground Items are material items made from various sources of plant and creature. They are materials used to make Infusions within the Infuser.

Every ground item has one or more Aspects tied to it, the types of aspects being randomized for each item per world seed (so the same type of ground item will not have the same aspect(s) in every world). These aspects are not discovered until they are tested through Gecko testing. The aspect along with its icon, if they are discovered, can be viewed by holding shift while hovering over the ground item in the inventory.

Combining ground items using a specific (or random) aspect recipe (or an invalid recipe) in the Infuser will yield a Weedwood Infusion Bucket with the aspects of the combination. Aspect Vials can also be obtained from ground items with multiple aspects and can be used as alternatives to ground items with a single aspect.

These are all of the ground items: Ground Algae, Ground Arrow Arum, Ground Black Hat Mushroom, Ground Bladderwort Flower, Ground Bladderwort Stalk, Ground Blue Eyed Grass, Ground Blue Iris, Ground Bog Bean, Ground Boneset, Ground Bottle Brush Grass, Ground Broomsedge, Ground Bulb-Capped Mushroom, Ground Button Bush, Ground Cardinal Flower, Ground Cattail, Ground Cave Grass, Ground Cave Moss, Ground Copper Iris, Ground Deep Water Coral, Ground Flathead Mushroom, Ground Golden Club, Ground Hanger, Ground Leaf, Ground Lichen, Ground Marsh Hibiscus, Ground Marsh Mallow, Ground Marsh Marigold, Ground Milkweed, Ground Mire Coral, Ground Moss, Ground Nettle, Ground Phragmites, Ground Pickerel Weed, Ground Pitcher Plant, Ground Poison Ivy, Ground Shoots, Ground Sludgecreep, Ground Soft Rush, Ground Sundew, Ground Swamp Kelp, Ground Swamp Tallgrass, Ground Tangled Root, Ground Thorns, Ground Water Weed, Ground Venus Fly Trap, and Ground Volarpad.

There is also a ground item that is made similarly and will have aspects but has a separate page due to having a unique use: Ground Dried Swamp Reed.

Ground Items can be fed to Geckos in Gecko Cages by right clicking in order to discover their aspects. A message will display, noting how the Gecko reacts and what Aspect from the item was discovered; an entry in the Herblore Book will also be added if it is in the inventory, and from then on the aspect can be viewed on the item with the shift key. A second message will also display, notifying the player either that there are still more undiscovered aspects of the Ground Item (as only one is discovered at a time) or that all of the aspects of the item have been discovered.

Recipes Edit

  1. Grind Plant Item = corresponding Ground Item (a Ground Leaf is shown as an example)
    Ground Leaf
  2. Grind Angler Tooth = Ground Angler Tooth
    Ground Angler Tooth
  3. Grind Aqua Middle Gem = Ground Aqua Middle Gem
    Ground Aqua Middle Gem
  4. Grind Black Hat Mushroom (item) = Ground Black Hat Mushroom
    Ground Black Hat Mushroom
  5. Grind Bulb-Capped Mushrooms (item) = Ground Bulb-Capped Mushroom
    Ground Bulb-Capped Mushroom
  6. Grind Cave Moss Clump = Ground Cave Moss
    Ground Cave Moss
  7. Grind Crimson Middle Gem = Ground Crimson Middle Gem
    Ground Crimson Middle Gem
  8. Grind Crimson Snail Shell = Ground Crimson Snail Shell
    Ground Crimson Snail Shell
  9. Grind Deep Water Coral (item) = Ground Deep Water Coral
    Ground Deep Water Coral
  10. Grind Flathead Mushroom (item) = Ground Flathead Mushroom
    Ground Flathead Mushroom
  11. Grind Green Middle Gem = Ground Green Middle Gem
    Ground Green Middle Gem
  12. Grind Mire Coral (item) = Ground Mire Coral
    Ground Mire Coral
  13. Grind Moss (item) = Ground Moss
    Ground Moss
  14. Grind Ochre Snail Shell = Ground Ochre Snail Shell
    Ground Ochre Snail Shell
  15. Grind Swamp Kelp = Ground Swamp Kelp
    Ground Swamp Kelp
  16. Grind Tangled Root = Ground Tangled Root
    Ground Tangled Root
  17. Grind Volarpad Leaf = Ground Volarpad
    Volarpad Leaf
  18. Grind Weedwood Log = Ground Weedwood Bark
    Ground Weedwood Bark

Other Uses Edit

  1. 3 Ground Weedwood Bark = 4 Weedwood Chip Path
    Woodchip Path

History Edit

  • Beta 2.0.0: Aspects on items temporarily removed.
    • Ground Weedwood Bark now uses Weedwood Logs instead of Weedwood Bark to grind.
  • Beta 1.0.0: Introduced.
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