Ground Items
Type Herblore
Renewable Yes (except water
plant ground items)
Stackable Yes (64)
Compostable Yes
ID items_crushed
Ground Items are items made by grinding up various sources of plant and creature. They are materials used to make Infusions within the Infuser.

Grinding Recipes Edit

Result Ingredients Recipe
Corresponding Ground Item Plant Item + Pestle (1 use)
Ground Leaf
Ground Angler Tooth Angler Tooth + Pestle (1 use)
Ground Angler Tooth
Ground Crimson Snail Shell Crimson Snail Shell + Pestle (1 use)
Ground Crimson Snail Shell
Ground Dried Swamp Reed Dried Swamp Reed + Pestle (1 use)
Ground Dried Swamp Reed
Ground Middle Gem Middle Gem + Pestle (1 use)
Ground Middle Gems
Ground Ochre Snail Shell Ochre Snail Shell + Pestle (1 use)
Ground Ochre Snail Shell

Infusing Edit

Every Ground Item contains one or more Aspects. Which aspects these are is, in most cases, randomized among the items per world seed, instead of always being found on the same item. Which aspects are on what item is also not displayed to the player immediately and must be tested through Gecko experimentation. However, each ground item does have a rarity tier that determines generally the range of aspects that they will contain (more common plants tend to have more, but lower tier aspects, while rarer plants have fewer, but higher tier aspects).

Combining Ground Items in the Infuser yields an Infusion Bucket with the aspects and amount values of the combination. These Infusion Buckets can then be distilled in the Alembic to produce Infusions or Aspect Vials, depending on whether the mixture was valid or not. Aspect Vials can be used as single aspect alternatives to ground items, as the aspect they contain is already known without the need to experiment with Geckos.

Ground Middle Gems are an exception to the usual randomization rule: Ground Aqua Middle Gem will always contain just Byrginaz, Ground Crimson Middle Gem just Firnalaz, and Ground Green Middle Gem just Fergalaz. However, the aspect will still not be displayed on the item until it is tested.

Testing Edit

Ground Items can be fed to Geckos in Gecko Cages by right clicking in order to discover their aspects. An Herblore Book must also be in the inventory while doing this to record the results. When experimenting with an item, a message will display, noting how the Gecko reacts and therefore what Aspect from the item was discovered. An entry in the Herblore Book on the aspect will also be added.

From then on, the discovered Aspect can be viewed on the Ground Item that was tested by pressing shift while hovering over the item. The aspect's icon and amount value will also be displayed.

Each Gecko experiment will only discover one Aspect, even if the Ground Item tested contains more than one. A second message will display when conducting an experiment based on whether or not there are still more aspects on that item to be discovered.

Compostability Edit

All Ground Items have a compost process time of 3 minutes and 20 seconds and a compost amount of 3. Visit the Compost page for more information regarding the composting mechanic.

Igniting Edit

Ground Moss, Cave Moss, and Thorns can be used to create fire by holding the 'use' key on their dropped form with an Octine Ingot.

List of Ground Items Edit

The following is a list of all of the ground items organized alphabetically, their source item, and their tier. This list includes items that have a separate page due to bearing a unique usage.

Ground Items
Ground Item Source Tier Herblore Book Description
SmallGroundAlgaeGround Algae SmallAlgaeClumpAlgae Clump I Large patches of Algae can be found quite commonly in any biome on the surface of the water.
SmallGroundAnglerToothGround Angler Tooth SmallAnglerToothAngler Tooth II Angler Teeth are dropped by Anglers, which can be found lurking in the murky waters of The Betweenlands.
SmallGroundAquaMiddleGemGround Aqua Middle Gem SmallAquaMiddleGemAqua Middle Gem II Aqua Middle Gems are one of three Middle Gem types that can be found stuck in Mud.
SmallGroundArrowArumGround Arrow Arum SmallArrowArumLeafArrow Arum Leaf I Arrow Arum is a leafy plant that grows in the wet Marsh biomes of The Betweenlands.
SmallGroundBlackHatMushroomGround Black Hat Mushroom SmallBlackHatMushroomItemBlack Hat Mushroom (item) I Black Hat Mushrooms can be found scattered about everywhere in Swamplands biomes.
SmallGroundBladderwortFlowerGround Bladderwort Flower SmallBladderwortFlowerItemBladderwort Flower (item) I Bladderworts are tall underwater plants that grow in Deep Waters biomes and more rarely in Coarse Islands biomes.
SmallGroundBladderwortStalkGround Bladderwort Stalk SmallBladderwortStalkItemBladderwort Stalk (item) I The stalk of the Bladderwort plant that grows in Deep Waters and Coarse Islands biomes.
SmallGroundBlueEyedGrassGround Blue Eyed Grass SmallBlueEyedGrassFlowerBlue Eyed Grass Flower II Blue Eyed Grass is a plant with tiny blue flowers that can be found in the Patchy Islands biome.
SmallGroundBlueIrisGround Blue Iris SmallBlueIrisPetalsBlue Iris Petals II Blue Iris is one of the two iris plants found growing in the Coarse Islands biome.
SmallGroundBogBeanGround Bog Bean SmallBogBeanFlowerItemBog Bean Flower (item) I Found in the Patchy Islands biome, Bog Bean grows on Mud in shallow water.
SmallGroundBonesetGround Boneset SmallBonesetFlowersBoneset Flowers I Boneset is a flower that grows in the Patchy Islands biome.
SmallGroundBottlebrushGrassGround Bottlebrush Grass SmallBottlebrushGrassBladesBottlebrush Grass Blades I Bottlebrush Grass is a small plant that grows in Marsh biomes.
SmallGroundBroomsedgeGround Broomsedge SmallBroomsedgeLeavesBroomsedge Leaves I Broomsedges are tall plants that can be found in Marsh biomes.
SmallGroundBulb-CappedMushroomGround Bulb-Capped Mushroom SmallBulb-CappedMushroomsBulb-Capped Mushrooms II Bulb-Capped Mushrooms are luminous bright blue mushrooms that can be found growing around Giant Bulb-Capped Mushrooms in Patchy Islands biomes, and in Underground Oases. They have been known to cause minor trips.
SmallGroundButtonBushGround Button Bush SmallButtonBushFlowersButton Bush Flowers I Button Bushes are small plants that grow in Marsh biomes.
SmallGroundCardinalFlowerGround Cardinal Flower SmallCardinalFlowerPetalsCardinal Flower Petals II Cardinal Flowers are tall bright red plants that grow in the Patchy Islands biome.
SmallGroundCattailGround Cattail SmallCattailHeadCattail Head I Cattails are very common plants that grow in Swamplands, Patchy Islands, and Coarse Islands biomes.
SmallGroundCaveGrassGround Cave Grass SmallCaveGrassBladesCave Grass Blades I Cave Grass grows deep underground in the Pitstone layer, away from the light.
SmallGroundCaveMossGround Cave Moss SmallCaveMossClumpCave Moss Clump I Cave Moss can be found growing down underground in caves.
SmallGroundCopperIrisGround Copper Iris SmallCopperIrisPetalsCopper Iris Petals I Copper Iris is one of the two iris plants found growing in the Coarse Islands biome.
SmallGroundCrimsonMiddleGemGround Crimson Middle Gem SmallCrimsonMiddleGemCrimson Middle Gem II Crimson Middle Gems are one of three Middle Gem types that can be found stuck in Mud.
SmallGroundCrimsonSnailShellGround Crimson Snail Shell SmallCrimsonSnailShellCrimson Snail Shell II Crimson Snail Shells are dropped by Blood Snails, which are found in Swamplands and Patchy Islands biomes.
SmallGroundDeepWaterCoralGround Deep Water Coral SmallDeepWaterCoralItemDeep Water Coral (item) II Deep Water Coral is a blue luminous aquatic plant that grows in Mud in Deep Waters biomes.
SmallGroundDriedSwampReedGround Dried Swamp Reed SmallDriedSwampReedDried Swamp Reed I Swamp Reeds grow in the water in Patchy Islands and Coarse Islands biomes, and on land in Swamplands biomes.
SmallGroundFlatheadMushroomGround Flathead Mushroom SmallFlatheadMushroomItemFlathead Mushroom (item) I Flathead Mushrooms grow very commonly in the Swamplands biome.
SmallGroundGoldenClubGround Golden Club SmallGoldenClubFlowersGolden Club Flowers II Golden Clubs are strange orange flowers that grow in water in the Patchy Islands biome.
SmallGroundGreenMiddleGemGround Green Middle Gem SmallGreenMiddleGemGreen Middle Gem II Green Middle Gems are one of three Middle Gem types that can be found stuck in Mud.
SmallGroundHangerGround Hanger SmallHangerItemHanger (item) I Hangers are vine-like plants that grow off of Giant Weedwood and Hearthgrove Trees, Giant Roots, and down from caves.
SmallGroundLeafGround Leaf SmallLeafLeaf I Leaves are dropped by the small leafy Swamp Plants that grow in Swamplands biomes, as well as from the Fallen Leaves that gather under trees there.
SmallGroundLichenGround Lichen SmallLichenClumpLichen Clump I Lichen is a plant can be found growing on Cragrock Spires in the Deep Waters biome, and also sometimes underground or on stone based structures.
SmallGroundMarshHibiscusGround Marsh Hibiscus SmallMarshHibiscusFlowerMarsh Hibiscus Flower I The Marsh Hibiscus is a pretty looking flower that grows in the Marsh biome.
SmallGroundMarshMallowGround Marsh Mallow SmallMarshMallowFlowerMarsh Mallow Flower I Marsh Mallows are small pink and white flowers that can be found in Marsh biomes. Quite contrary to their name, they don't taste particularly nice.
SmallGroundMarshMarigoldGround Marsh Marigold SmallMarshMarigoldFlowerItemMarsh Marigold Flower (item) II Marsh Marigolds are yellow flowers that grow in water in the Patchy Islands biome.
SmallGroundMilkweedGround Milkweed SmallMilkweedFlowerMilkweed Flower I Milkweed is a bright pink flower that grows in the Patchy Islands biome.
SmallGroundMireCoralGround Mire Coral SmallMireCoralItemMire Coral (item) II Mire Coral is an orange luminous aquatic plant that grows in Mud in Deep Waters, Patchy Islands, and Coarse Islands biomes.
SmallGroundMossGround Moss SmallMossClumpMoss (item) I Moss is a plant that grows and spreads around almost anywhere.
SmallGroundNettleGround Nettle SmallNettleLeafNettle Leaf I Nettles can be found in Coarse Islands, Marsh and Swamplands biomes. They will sting you if you touch them, so be careful.
SmallGroundOchreSnailShellGround Ochre Snail Shell SmallOchreSnailShellOchre Snail Shell II Ochre Snail Shells are dropped by Mire Snails, which are found in Swamplands and Patchy Islands biomes.
SmallGroundPhragmitesGround Phragmites SmallPhragmiteStemsPhragmite Stems I Phragmites are tall plants that grow everywhere in Marsh biomes.
SmallGroundPickerelWeedGround Pickerel Weed SmallPickerelWeedFlowerPickerel Weed Flower I Pickerel Weed is a flower that can be found in Marsh biomes.
SmallGroundPitcherPlantGround Pitcher Plant SmallPitcherPlantTrapPitcher Plant Trap III Pitchers are large plants that grow in Swamplands biomes.
SmallGroundPoisonIvyGround Poison Ivy SmallPoisonIvyLeavesPoison Ivy Leaves I Poison Ivy is a poisonous hanging plant that grows commonly on small Weedwood and Nibbletwig Trees.
SmallGroundShootsGround Shoots SmallShootsItemShoots (item) I Shoots are small young plants found growing in the Patchy Islands biome.
SmallGroundSludgecreepGround Sludgecreep SmallSludgecreepLeavesSludgecreep Leaves I Sludgecreep is a slime-feeding plant found in the Sludge Plains biome.
SmallGroundSoftRushGround Soft Rush SmallSoftRushLeavesSoft Rush Leaves I Soft Rush is a small plant that grows in the Marsh biome.
SmallGroundSundewGround Sundew SmallSundewHeadSundew Head III Sundews are large plants that grow in Marsh biomes.
SmallGroundSwampKelpGround Swamp Kelp SmallSwampKelpItemSwamp Kelp (item) I Swamp Kelp is an aquatic plant that grows commonly in Deep Waters and Coarse Islands biomes.
SmallGroundSwampTallgrassGround Swamp Tallgrass SmallSwampTallgrassBladesSwamp Tallgrass Blades I Swamp Tallgrass is a common plant found in Swamplands, Patchy Islands, Coarse Islands, and Marsh biomes, and in Underground Oases.
SmallGroundTangledRootsGround Tangled Roots SmallTangledRootTangled Root I Tangled Roots grow in the water in Coarse Islands biomes and on land in Sludge Plains biomes, and on Giant Roots. They can also be derived from Pyrads, nature spirits found around Giant Weedwood Trees.
SmallGroundThornsGround Thorns SmallThornBranchThorn Branch I Thorns are dangerous hanging plants that grow deep down underground in caves.
SmallGroundVenusFlyTrapGround Venus Fly Trap SmallVenusFlyTrapHeadVenus Fly Trap Head III Venus Fly Traps are small plants that grow in Swamplands biomes.
SmallGroundVolarpadGround Volarpad SmallVolarpadLeafVolarpad Leaf I Volarpads are very large plants that grow commonly in Coarse Islands biomes and sometimes in Swamplands biomes.
SmallGroundWaterWeedsGround Water Weeds SmallWaterWeedsItemWater Weeds (item) I Water Weeds can be found growing in Mud at the bottom of the water in Deep Waters biomes.
SmallGroundWeedwoodBarkGround Weedwood Bark SmallWeedwoodLogWeedwood Log

or SmallDryBark Dry Bark

I Weedwood Bark grows around the soft wood inside Weedwood Trees. It can also be derived from the Hollow Logs found scattered about Swamplands, Marsh, and Sludge Plains biomes.

Crafting Uses Edit

Result Ingredients Recipe
Weedwood Chip Path (4) Ground Weedwood Bark (3)
Woodchip Path

History Edit

  • Alpha 3.0.0:
    • Aspects on items reintroduced.
    • Ground Weedwood Bark can now use Dry Bark as an ingredient.
  • Beta 2.0.0:
    • Aspects on items temporarily removed.
    • Ground Weedwood Bark now uses Weedwood Logs instead of Weedwood Bark to grind.
  • Beta 1.0.0: Introduced.
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