Ground Dried Swamp Reed
Type Other
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes (64)
Compostable Yes
ID items_crushed/17
Ground Dried Swamp Reed is a grindable item that acts as the equivalent of Bone Meal in The Betweenlands, capable of accelerating the growth of certain plants and crops in the dimension.

Grinding Recipe Edit

Result Ingredients Recipe
Ground Dried Swamp Reed Dried Swamp Reed + Pestle (1 use)
Ground Dried Swamp Reed

Plant Growth Edit

Ground Dried Swamp Reed can applied to Swamp Grass by pressing the 'use' key, randomly sprouting basic plants nearby, including Swamp Tallgrass, Double Swamp Tallgrass, Cattails, Tall Cattails, and Shoots.

Ground Dried Swamp Reed can also be applied to Weedwood, Rubber Tree, and Sap Tree Saplings to help expedite their growth, and to White Pear Bushes, Yellow Dotted Fungus, and Aspectrus Plants to advance their growth stages.

Infusing Edit

Ground Dried Swamp Reed has one or more Aspects tied to it, which means it can be used to make Infusions within the Infuser. Visit the Ground Items page for more information regarding the infusing feature.

Compostability Edit

Ground Dried Swamp Reed has a compost process time of 3 minutes and 20 seconds and a compost amount of 3. Visit the Compost page for more information regarding the composting mechanic.

History Edit

  • Alpha 3.0.0:
    • Aspects on item reintroduced.
    • Now grows plants on Swamp Grass again, albeit more limited types.
  • Beta 2.0.0:
    • Aspects on item temporarily removed.
    • No longer grows plants on Swamp Grass; this feature is replaced with the composted farm feature.
  • Beta 1.0.0: Introduced.
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