Gecko Cage
Transparency Yes
Luminance No
Blast Resistance 15.0
Tool Hand or Axe
Renewable No
Stackable Yes (64)
Flammable No
Compostable No
ID gecko_cage
2016-01-31 13.30.23

The Gecko Cage ingame

The Gecko Cage is a craftable utility block that houses Geckos, primarily with the intention of conducting tests on them to discover Aspects. In addition to being crafted, it can also be found as part of Sludge Plains Ruins.

Crafting Recipe Edit

Result Ingredients Recipe
Gecko Cage Syrmorite Ingot (4) + Weedwood Plank Slab (2) + Reed Rope (3)
Gecko Cage

Caging Geckos Edit

Geckos can be captured by the player by right-clicking them with a Net. They will then appear in the player's inventory as an item, which can be right-clicked on a Gecko Cage to put the captured Gecko inside.

While inside, the Gecko will retain the statistics it had before it was caged. If the Gecko Cage is broken while it is inside, the Gecko will be released as a mob, with the appropriate statistics (which may be different depending on how much the Gecko was tested on).

Gecko Testing Edit

The Aspects that can be found on items used in Herblore are, in most cases, randomized among these items per world seed, instead of always being found on the same item. Which aspects are on what item is also not displayed to the player immediately. Testing Ground Items on Geckos allows the player to discover which Aspects are on what item, so that they can understand what items are needed to create specific Infusions and Aspect Vials.

To test a Ground Item on a caged Gecko, right-click the item on the Gecko Cage with the testing Gecko. An Herblore Book must also be in the inventory while doing this to record the results. The Gecko will react in a certain way, depending on what Aspect was discovered, and a corresponding message will display describing the reaction. An entry in the Herblore Book on the aspect will also be added.

From then on, the discovered Aspect can be viewed on the Ground Item that was tested by pressing shift while hovering over the item. The aspect's icon and amount value will also be displayed.

Each Gecko experiment will only discover one Aspect, even if the Ground Item tested contains more than one. A second message will display when conducting an experiment based on whether or not there are still more aspects on that item to be discovered:

  • If there are still more aspects to be discovered, the message, "This item still seems to have some more undiscovered aspects" will be displayed.
  • If all aspects on the item have been discovered, the message, "This seems to be the last undiscovered aspect on this item" will be displayed.

After each experimentation, the test Gecko will need about 30 seconds to recover before it can be tested on again. Attempting to test a Gecko before it has recovered will display the message, "The gecko is still recovering from the last experiment." Each experiment will also deal 1 damage (Half Heart) to the Gecko, and once drained of its total health the Gecko will die and will have to be replaced to continue testing.

List of Gecko Reactions Edit

The following is a list of Aspects, the Gecko reaction message they invoke when discovered, and any possible visual changes made to the Gecko as part of the reaction. What the messages describe is not necessarily visible on the Gecko unless specified.

Gecko Reactions
Aspect Reaction Message Visual Changes
Aspect11ArmaniisArmaniis (Desire) The gecko seems very calm and looks at you with loving eyes N/A
Aspect4AzuwynnAzuwynn (Muscle) You can see the gecko's muscles twitching uncontrollably N/A
Aspect14ByariisByariis (Corruption) The gecko is chewing furiously on its tail and looks around as if possessed Gecko turns into the dark brown variant.
Aspect10ByrginazByrginaz (Water) The gecko is drooling, sweating and peeing around its cage N/A
Aspect2Celawynn-0Celawynn (Stomach) You can hear the gecko's belly rumbling and it seems to burp a lot N/A
Aspect6DayuniisDayuniis (Mind) The gecko is walking around like a drunkard and looks around in a schizophrenic manner N/A
Aspect7FergalazFergalaz (Earth) The gecko's scales seem to become rock hard, it can barely move Gecko turns into the tan variant.
Aspect9FirnalazFirnalaz (Fire) The gecko's scales have a red glow and it breathes a hot breath Gecko turns into the red variant.
Aspect5FreiwynnFreiwynn (Vision) The gecko's eyes are pulsating N/A
Aspect12GeoliigazGeoliirgaz (Void) The gecko has an empty look in its eyes and doesn't seem to respond to anything Gecko turns into the pale brown variant.
Aspect1Ordaniis-0Ordaniis (Enhance) The gecko's scales seem to be glowing slightly N/A
Aspect3YeowynnYeowynn (Health) You've never seen a healthier gecko, it's bursting with energy N/A
Aspect8YunugazYunugaz (Wind) The gecko seems light, and its breath sounds like a hollow wind N/A
Aspect13YihinrenYihinren (Form) The gecko's scales became puffy and its head looks... different Gecko turns into the strange green variant.

History Edit

  • Release 3.3.0: Now spawns the caged Gecko when broken.
  • Alpha 3.1.0: Re-implemented chat messages.
  • Alpha 3.0.0: Mostly reintroduced aspect discovering function.
  • Beta 2.0.0: Temporarily removed aspect discovering function.
  • Beta 1.0.0: Introduced.
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