Gecko Cage
Gecko CageBig
Physics No
Transparency No
Luminance No
Compostable No
Tool Hand/Axe
Stackable Yes (64)
Flammable No
First Appearance Beta 1.0.0

Gecko Cage is a utility block that can house a pet Gecko. in addition to crafting it can also be found in Abandoned Shacks.

It will be important in Herblore as it can be used to conduct gecko testing to discover the various Aspects on Ground Items; however, this feature is not implemented in the latest version.

2016-01-31 13.30.23

Gecko Cage ingame

Recipe Edit

  1. 4 Syrmorite Ingots + 2 Weedwood Plank Slabs + 3 Reed Rope = 1 Gecko Cage
    Gecko Cage

How to Use Edit

Note: All information in this section only applies to the 1.7.10 version of the mod, and is currently unimplemented in the 1.10 version but will be re-added soon.

As the same Ground Item can have a different aspect or combination of aspects per world seed, the actual combination of items used in brewing is not set in stone; rather, the combination of aspects is, and these aspects are not visible on the items when first starting out. This is why it is important to conduct gecko testing; to discover what aspects are on what item and therefore discover the recipes to valid Infusions.

A Gecko can be put inside the cage by right-clicking it with the captured Gecko item (captured using a Net). From then on, the occupied cage can be right-clicked with any Ground Item to feed it to the Gecko inside. When doing this, an Herblore Book must be in the inventory or else it will not work. The Gecko will react in a certain way, either by changing appearance or emitting particles. A message will be displayed that will note one of the Aspects found on the Ground Item used; it will also put a corresponding entry in the Herblore Book and will display a second message saying either that there are more aspects on the item to be discovered, or that all of the aspects on the item have been discovered. From this point on that Aspect can be viewed on the item with a simple shift key over its tooltip when the Herblore Book is in your inventory. An article will also be made in the book detailing this discovery. There is also a cooldown for testing ingredients on an individual Gecko, and the Gecko inside will eventually 'die' after having been tested on for too many times, requiring another one to be caged.

These are the various different messages given for each of the Aspects; what the messages describe is not necessarily visible on the Gecko unless specified.

  • Ordaniis - Enhance: The gecko's scales seem to be glowing slightly.
  • Celawynn - Stomach: You can hear its belly rumbling and it seems to burp a lot.
  • Yeowynn - Health: You've never seen a healthier gecko, it's bursting with energy.
  • Azuwynn - Muscle: You can see its muscles twitching uncontrollably.
  • Freiwynn - Vision: Its eyes are pulsating.
  • Dayuniis - Mind: The gecko is walking around like a drunkard and looks around in a schizophrenic manner.
  • Fergalaz - Earth: The gecko's scales seem to become rock hard, it can barely move. (Gecko turns into the tan variant).
  • Yunugaz - Wind: The gecko seems light, and its breath sounds like a hollow wind.
  • Firnalaz - Fire: Its scales have a red glow and it breathes a hot breath. (Gecko turns into the red variant).
  • Byrginaz - Water: It's drooling, sweating and peeing around its cage.
  • Armaniis - Desire: It seems very calm and looks at you with loving eyes.
  • Geoliirgaz - Void: The gecko has an empty look in its eyes and doesn't seem to respond to anything. (Gecko turns into the pale brown variant).
  • Yihinren - Form: Its scales became puffy and its head looks... different. (Gecko turns into the strange green variant).
  • Byariis - Corruption: The gecko is chewing furiously on its tail and looks around as if possessed. (Gecko turns into the twisted dark brown variant).

History Edit

  • Beta 2.0.0: Temporarily removed aspect discovering function.
  • Beta 1.0.0: Introduced.

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