Farming in the Betweenlands is a process unique from the vanilla method of farming, and requires some extra work and attention to your crops.

It should be mentioned that growing Swamp Reed and Swamp Kelp is like growing Sugar Cane; it only needs to be placed on Mud next to or in Swamp Water to start growing, and does not use the process below.

Process Edit

Because of the way the farming mechanics work in this mod, several things have to be considered when setting up a place to grow your crops. Firstly, during the Heavy Rain event, Puddles can destroy any crops. Therefore they should be grown in a sheltered area that is not directly beneath open sky. Secondly, in the future, Mire Snails and Blood Snails will be attracted to crops and will try to eat them, and so the crops should be protected; this is not yet implemented however.

You will need three particular items to set up a basic farm:

  • Any shovel added by the Betweenlands. This shovel will be used to dig holes in the dirt where you will start your farm.
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    Compost is easy enough to acquire once you have plenty of Compost Bins and Shears to collect plants around you to compost with.

    Compost, which is placed in the dug holes to fertilize the dirt and make it suitable for planting seeds. Compost is created by putting biodegradable, or 'compostable', items within a Compost Bin; such items include plants, plant items and ground items, as well as Dry Bark which is particularly useful for making Compost. You will have to close the bin and wait for a bit for the items inside the bin to turn into Compost, which you can then collect by opening the bin and right-clicking.
  • Some form of seeds which you will use to determine and start growing your crop. The applicable seeds in the latest version of the mod are White Pear Seeds and/or Spores. You may also come across Aspectrus Seeds, although they are used differently than the other two.
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Shovels make holes in the dirt where you can place your compost and start farming.

Instead of tilled farmland like in vanilla Minecraft, crops are planted on composted Dug Swamp Dirt, Dug Swamp Grass, Dug Purified Swamp Dirt, or Dug Purified Swamp Grass. These composted blocks can be created by first right clicking Swamp Dirt, Swamp Grass, or Purified Swamp Dirt with the Betweenlands shovel to make the respective dug block. These blocks can then be right-clicked with Compost to fill the hole and compost the block. You can then plant your seeds on these blocks as if they were normal tilled soil, and they will begin growing. Once mature they can be harvested like vanilla crops to give a particular product along with more seeds. Every three harvests will remove the compost in the block and turn it back into its unfilled form, requiring it to be refilled with more Compost. Grass can grow over Dug Swamp Dirt or Dug Purified Swamp Dirt, turning it into its respective grass dug block, but this does not affect the farming process.

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These bushes have decayed as a result of having not been harvested before the decay got to them.

Crops in the Betweenlands do not require nearby water in order to grow, nor can they be trampled by the player or mobs. However, composted Dug Swamp Dirt and Dug Swamp Grass can sometimes become decayed, which prevents the crop planted on it from growing. The crop also becomes decayed when this happens if it was mature before decayed, causing it to drop nothing but seeds. Decayed crops or dirt/grass can be temporarily 'cured' by right clicking them with Plant Tonic, which is crafted using a Weedwood or Syrmorite Bucket with Water and a Ball of Sap. The Plant Tonic affects a five by five area of blocks and has three uses per bucket.

If you wish to avoid managing your crops' decay, you may want to take the extra step of planting crops on Purified Swamp Dirt, which is made by purifying regular Swamp Dirt in a Purifier. When dug and composted like normal, it does not decay, nor do crops planted on it.

Ground Dried Swamp Reed, made by grinding Dried Swamp Reed with a Mortar equipped with a Pestle, acts like vanilla bonemeal, speeding the growth of the crops.

Crop Types Edit

Farming Basic Plants Edit

There is a way to farm all of the basic plants of the Betweenlands that you find growing naturally, through a process that is simpler than the above crop technique.

First, find the plant you want to farm and harvest it using Syrmorite Shears. This way you can pick up the actual block and replant it where you want. Then, set up a small but flat section of plant-supporting blocks (Each plant should have a 3x3 space to maximize output). Dig and compost only the center block and then place the plant on top of it. The plant will now spread to blocks adjacent to the composted one, which can then be collected as normal and will grow back as long as the middle plant is not harvested. Do note that the compost inside of the dug block will eventually be consumed and the plant will stop growing until the block is re-fertilized.

History Edit

  • Beta 2.0.0: Added Dug Purified Swamp Grass.
    • Grass can now spread to Dug regular and Purified Swamp Dirt, without affecting the process.
    • Basic Betweenlands plants can now be farmed using an alternative method.
  • Beta 1.0.0: Introduced.
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