Dug Swamp Grass
2016-01-15 18.06.25

Composted Dug Swamp Grass

2016-01-16 10.17.20

Decayed composted Dug Swamp Grass

Dug Swamp Grass is a block that can be created by right-clicking Swamp Grass with any Betweenlands shovel, as part of a primary step in farming. It can also be formed when Swamp Grass spreads to Dug Swamp Dirt. It can be fertilized by using Compost on it, but will revert to normal Swamp Grass if left unfilled. It uses connected textures when joined up against each other.

This block, when composted, supports the growth of White Pear Bushes by planting White Pear Seeds, and Yellow Dotted Fungus by planting Spores. After harvesting the mature crop on top three times, it will lose the Compost inside of it.

This block also supports the growth of any basic plants placed on it when composted. Whatever plant is placed on the block will spread to adjacent plant-supporting blocks. It will however lose the compost inside after a varying amount of time.

Composted Dug Swamp Grass will become decayed after a certain amount of time. The decay will spread to other nearby non-purified composted blocks and halt any growth of the plants growing on them, and crops will decay as well if mature. It can be temporarily cured by right-clicking it with Plant Tonic, which will affect a 5x5 area of conjoined composted blocks.

History Edit

  • Beta 1.0.0: Introduced.