Dentrothyst Shield
Compostable No
Durability 1200
Stackable No
First Appearance Beta 2.0.0
2017-03-17 20.27.55

Both Green Dentrothyst Shields when held by the player

2017-03-17 20.28.10

Both Orange Dentrothyst Shields when held by the player

Dentrothyst Shield is a special Betweenlands shield. It comes in four variants: Green, Green Polished, Orange, and Orange Polished.

Like any shield, they can be held up to reduce melee attack damage from the front, by a small percentage, and completely block frontal ranged attacks. They can be temporarily disabled by an axe attack.

In a future version, Dentrothyst Shields will be able to protect against receiving status effects.

Dentrothyst Shields do not corrode, nor can they be applied with Middle Gems.

Recipe Edit

  1. 6 Green Dentrothyst/Orange Dentrothyst/Polished Dentrothyst + 1 Weedwood Stick = 1 Dentrothyst Shield

History Edit

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