2015-06-15 16.31.51

Dense Fog without silhouettes

2015-06-15 16.32.02

Dense Fog with silhouettes


"Surrounding me, unending spirits, gazing ominously."

-From Lurking Shadows
Dense Fog is a weather event in The Betweenlands that decreases visibility. It is more common than rain in vanilla Minecraft but generally doesn't last as long, though the duration varies. During foggy weather the player may notice distant, distorted silhouettes staring at them that appear to float about but vanish before they can be reached. These are purely cosmetic, but they will become more frequent over time. They are most common within the Marsh biome due to the flat ground. In the mod's files they are simply referred to as 'them'. Dense Fog is always active around the Wight Fortress.

Dense Fog can be manually triggered by using the following command: /blevent <toggle/on/off> thebetweenlands:dense_fog

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