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A Cragrock Tower

"There was this massive tower that I found, and as foreboding as it looked, I figured it could be a place to settle down for a while to figure out what to do. Not a chance. The ghosts were in tremendous numbers."

-From Explorer's Entries: The Tower
Cragrock Tower is a gigantic dungeon-like structure that spawns rarely on the surface of Coarse Islands biomes. Although packed with loot, it is a dangerous place to visit, so precaution and preparation is necessary. It uses a world area that gives it a custom title when a player nears it.

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Navigation Edit

The Cragrock Tower has multiple rooms with slightly varying specifics. Pots of Chance spawn throughout the structure.

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The stairway

The entrance to the tower found at the bottom is a long staircase dotted with Will o' the Wisps. It leads to a basic room with stairs going up and down; there is one "basement" level here and an additional second floor which are very similar, although the basement room has a Termite spawner.

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The central spawner rooms

There are a few more floors above the second floor, which always contain a central spawner and stairs. These floors are essentially identical, minus the mobs that their spawners spawn. The third floor spawner contains Chiromaws, the fourth floor Swamp Hags, the fifth floor Pyrads, and the sixth floor Wights.

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The top of the tower

The very top of the tower has a Swamp Hag spawner and a Wight spawner, one or more Weedwood Chests with loot, and a larger than usual number of pots.

NOTE: It is highly recommended that you leave a spawner for Swamp Hags, Wights, and potentially Chiromaws, as they drop valuable resources like Slimy Bones, and while they spawn naturally they do so rather rarely and it is always helpful to have an easy way to farm them. Pyrads are a renewable source of Sulfur, which is useful, but their fire attacks make finding sulfur underground generally safer. Lastly, Termites drop nothing and do nothing of importance so there is no reason not to destroy the Termite spawner.

Loot Edit

Cragrock Tower Pots and Chests use the DUNGEON_POT_LOOT and DUNGEON_CHEST_LOOT loot tables, respectively.

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