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The Blood Sky

Not to be confused with the Spook event, the Halloween event of the mod.

The Blood Sky is a rare gameplay event that changes mob behaviour and ambience.

Description Edit


The rate of Swamp Hag spawning is affected by the event

The event starts with a deep, echoing roar; it will then change the sky to a red glow using shaders, which pulsates from time to time. During this event, the normal ambient sounds of the Betweenlands change into a new, eerie ambient sound that will be heard throughout the whole event.

The gameplay also changes. Swamp Hags will be able to spawn in every biome. Swamp Hags and Peat Mummies will spawn at an increased rate in general, and those that are spawned during the event are faster and deal more damage than usual.

The Blood Sky event can be manually triggered using the following command: /blevent <toggle/on/off> thebetweenlands:blood_sky

Sounds Edit


Video Edit

An animation by Timinations depicting the Blood Sky:

Minecraft Animation- Blood Sky (Betweenlands)

Minecraft Animation- Blood Sky (Betweenlands)

History Edit

  • Beta 2.0.0: Swamp Hags and Peat Mummies spawned during the event now move faster and deal more damage.
  • Beta 1.0.0: Introduced.