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These are all of the biomes added by the Betweenlands mod. Be on the lookout for the 'NYI' tag on their page; if it's there, that means the biome is not fully implemented in a currently released build of the mod.

Current Biomes Edit

  • Coarse Islands: Sparse collections of steeply cut islands and cragrock formations.
  • Deep Waters: Large water bodies filled with underwater life, broken occasionally by cragrock spires.
  • Marshes: Broken flats of mud, peat and water, inhabited by fog, poisonous clouds, and hidden terrors.
  • Patchy Islands: Sparse collections of relatively flat islands brimming with colorful flora.
  • Sludge Plains: A vast plain of mud and sludgy dirt, complete with tar pools and rotten, dead trees.
  • Swamplands: Relatively thick groups of weedwood trees with many plants and decent landmass.
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