Betweenlands Spawner
2016-03-14 21.09.25
Physics No
Transparency Yes; No (solid tar spawner)
Luminance Yes; No (solid tar spawner)
Compostable No
Tool Any Pickaxe
Stackable Yes (64)
Flammable No
Drops Nothing
Experience Yes
First Appearance Beta 1.0.0

The typical Monster Spawner of the Betweenlands has a unique, animated spinning model, as well as its own particle effect, and can be found in certain Betweenlands structures. It acts like any Monster Spawner, and can have different mobs applied to it depending on the structure type.

History Edit

  • Beta 2.0.3: Reimplemented the Tar Beast spawner.
  • Beta 2.0.0: Now found in the new Underground Oasis structure.
    • Added new mobs to the Shrine spawn list.
    • Now replaces the Dark Druid Spawner in Druid Circles.
    • Temporarily removed the Tar Beast spawner.
  • Beta 1.0.0: Introduced.

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