Beta 2.0.3 was an update to the Betweenlands for Minecraft 1.10.2 that was released on May 4, 2017. It added some new blocks, some missing features from the 1.7.10 version, and many bug fixes.

Changelog Edit

-Fixed vanilla Torch not turning into Damp Torch when placed from offhand

-Fixed inventory of chests sometimes resetting when creating double chest

-Fixed Black Hat Mushroom giving poison instead of hunger

-Fixed texture stitcher accepting wrong texture maps, causing problems with various other mods (e.g. Matter Overdrive)

-Fixed items of Item Shelf rendered in incorrect order

-Fixed Pyrad crashing the game when shaders are not active

-Fixed Polished Dentrothyst smelting recipes incorrect

-Fixed duplicate Portal Trees

-Fixed Ring of Power server crash

-Added Pitstone/Cragrock Walls, Stairs and Slabs

-Re-Added Tar Pool Dungeon

-Added Tar and Stagnant Water overlays

-Added decay bar compatibility with Tough As Nails

-Crops from other mods can now grow on composted Dug Swamp Dirt

-Shaders are now only enabled in the overworld if necessary

-Removed Chiseled Limestone -> Limestone Flux recipe

-Dark Druids no longer drop Talisman Pieces that the player already has in the inventory

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