Beta 2.0.0 was a major update to the Betweenlands that brought the mod to Minecraft 1.10.2 and was released on February 28, 2017. It added shields, many major changes, and performance improvements.


-Updated to 1.10.2, duh!

-Rewrote major parts of world gen and as a result it's a lot faster than before

-Performance improvements

-Fixed Weedwood Bow animation (now all three textures are used)

-Improved dungeons such as the Cragrock Tower and the Wight Fortress

-Added various Shields

-Added Syrmorite Bucket and Syrmorite Rubber Tap with increased rubber collection speed

-Improved Weedwood Rowboat, can now be tarred with a Tar Drip for increased control

-Reworked Pyrads and Anglers

-Improved Ring of Recruitment, now allows the player to order mobs around

-New Sulfur Furnace, Fire Fly, Pear Bush models

-Swamp Grass now has various biome foliage colours

-Reworked custom main menu

-Added Ravines and Underground Oases to cave generation

-Gas Clouds have sounds and a proper death animation

-Implemented Pyrad Flame

-Betweenlands plants can be farmed by placing a center plant on composted ground

-Blood Sky is deadlier

-Turned purple pears white

-...and more!


-Previous save files of the 1.7.10 version are not compatible, make sure you start a new world!

-Herblore and any related items or mobs have not been updated yet! We want to rework the mechanics of Herblore and it will be added in a later update!

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