Beta 1.0.2 was an update to the Betweenlands for Minecraft 1.7.10 that was released on April 10, 2016. It was known as The Amphibian Update as it added a couple new amphibian mobs, among other features, tweaks and bug fixes.


+Added Frogs and Harlequin Toads

+Added Lurker Skin Pouches

+Re-added boss Spawn Eggs

-Vials can be placed as jars

-'Nerfed' shrooms

-Cut Rubber Tree Logs have slightly different textures

-Tweaked Silt Crab Claw texture and fixed an issue with Lurker Skin Pants texture

-Added Infusion completion sound and made infusion completion more apparent

-Implemented wall plant block lang

-Implemented proper hopper support for Dual Furnaces

-Food Sickness now only affects Betweenlands food

-Syrmorite Shears now work on leaves

-Adjusted loot tables

-Further adjusted cave mob spawning entries

-Improved properties tracker performance

-Increased required warnings for Wight Fortress guards

-Properly implemented Betweenlands biomes into the biome dictionary

-Implemented a max weapon damage cap on Betweenlands mobs

-Made items dropped from radial menu classified as standard drops

-Fixed Wights and Dark Druids floating slightly above ground

-Fixed Rubber Tree Logs not being crafted into planks and log metadata issue

-Fixed broken Life Crystal charge and Amulet crafting recipes

-Fixed the Swift Pickaxe not working on some blocks

-Fixed some glitchiness with pillars

-Minor fixes with the Weedwood Crafting Table, Animator and Item Cage

-Fixed seeds being considered food

-Fixed an issue with Sulfur Furnace GUIs

-Fixed an issue with Druid Circle biome spawning and made it more consistent

-Fixed an issue with Mire Snail Eggs

-Fixed an issue with animating entities

-Fixed an issue with disappearing Shockwave Sword blocks

-Fixed a crash with Hardcore Ender Expansion

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