Beta 1.0.1 was an update to the Betweenlands for Minecraft 1.7.10 that was released on April 3, 2016. It added a new ore as well as other tweaks and bug fixes.


+Added Scabyst Ore and Scabyst

+Changed Water Flower to Bladderwort, added associated herblore items

-Moss Beds can be crafted with the block forms of moss

-Players no longer get stuck in Mud in Creative Mode

-Compressed audio files

-Tweaked some structure spawn rates

-Tweaked Gecko and Silt Crab health values

-Slightly tweaked Chiromaw AI

-Adjusted cave mob spawning

-Nerfed Wights and Tar Beast spawners

-Lowered hatred level required for Food Sickness

-Reduced cave pot gen

-Gave Ring of Summoning a cooldown

-Poison Ivy and Thorns can no longer be climbed, Thorns do not damage betweenlands mobs

-Gave Item Cage and energy ball a blue glow

-Removed food sickness tooltips from Rotten Food and Chiromaw Wing

-Fixed a major issue with world decoration

-Fixed Weedwood Logs not being crafted into planks, bark can now also be crafted into planks

-Fixed an issue with respawning in the Betweenlands

-Fixed an issue with water and Tar collision

-Fixed an issue with MobSpawnHandler

-Fixed an issue with More Player Models

-Fixed Druid Circle crash and added it to biome dictionary

-Fixed a crash with DragonAPI

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