Aspect Vials
Transparency Yes
Luminance No
Blast Resistance 2.0
Tool None
Renewable No
Stackable No
Flammable No
Compostable No
ID aspect_vial

Aspect Vials ingame

Aspect Vials are items created by distilling an Infusion Bucket with a non-valid combination of Aspects (or a valid combination collected at the incorrect time) within an Alembic. They are collected with either type of Dentrothyst Vial.

Aspect Vials each have a single Aspect which they are named off of applied to them, and the type/s obtained from the bucket depend on the aspect ingredients within that bucket. They will also take on a specific liquid color depending on the type of aspect within. Each bucket will yield one Aspect Vial per aspect present, the amount of aspect in each depending on how much was in the initial bucket. Because Ground Items often times have multiple Aspects tied to them which may interfere with making the correct Infusions, this serves as a way of separating those aspects for proper use (if necessary).

Infusing Edit

Aspect Vials can be used, alternatively to Ground Items, as ingredients within the Infuser to create Infusions. The total decimal amount of the Aspects determines how many Infusions are made from a resulting Infusion Bucket. The ratio of certain Aspects determines the potency and duration of the Infusions; which Aspects these are depends on the type of Infusion.

Placement Edit

Aspect Vials can be placed on the ground with the 'sneak' + 'use' keys, allowing one to store aspects. Placed vials can be filled by pressing the 'use' key on them with Aspect Vials of the same type; each click transfers approximately 0.1 of the item vial's amount into the placed vial, and each vial can store up to 5.0 of the same aspect. Similarly, using the 'sneak' + 'use' keys on a filled vial with empty Dentrothyst Vials will transfer approximately 0.1 amount of the aspect from the placed vial to the item vial. These vials can be broken and collected again, containing the amount of the aspect that was placed inside.

Placed Aspect Vials have a random position offset, which can be toggled on and off by pressing the 'sneak' + 'use' keys on the placed vial with an empty hand.

Aspect Farming Edit

Aspect Vials can also be applied to planted Aspectrus Plants by pressing the 'use' key on them with the vial to infuse them with the corresponding aspect. The Aspectrus Plant will then begin growing and at full undecayed maturity will produce Aspectrus Fruit and more Aspectrus Seeds containing the same aspect. Each resulting Aspectrus Fruit will contain half of the aspect amount of the Aspect Vial used to grow the plant; whereas the resulting Aspectrus Seeds will contain the same amount as the Aspect Vial did, but subtracted by approximately 0.18.

Repeller Edit

Byariis Aspect Vials can be used as fuel for the Repeller.

Crafting Uses Edit

In crafting, Aspect Vials require a specific decimal amount in the recipe, subtracting the required amount from the total amount rather than entirely consuming the vial.

Result Ingredients Recipe
Corresponding Dentrothyst Vial Any Aspect Vial
Green Dentrothyst Vial 3
Boots of the Marsh Runner Byrginaz Aspect Vial (1.0) + Rubber Boots
Boots of the Marsh Runner
Mummy Bait Armaniis Aspect Vial (1.0) + Animated Tar Beast Heart + Shimmerstone + Sludge Ball
Mummy Bait

History Edit

  • Release 3.3.1:
    • Improved visibility of liquid inside.
    • Reduced maximum amount of Aspect that can be stored from 21 to 5.
    • Reduced amount required to create Infusions.
    • Random position can now be toggled by shift right-clicking.
  • Release 3.3.0:
    • Reduced placed vial size and gave it a random offset.
    • Are now directly named off of their aspect.
  • Alpha 3.0.0:
    • Reintroduced.
    • Aspects inside placed jars now glow.
  • Beta 2.0.0: Temporarily removed.
  • Beta 1.0.2: Can now be placed on the ground as jars.
  • Beta 1.0.0: Introduced.
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