Physics No
Transparency No
Luminance No
Compostable No
Tool Any Pickaxe
Stackable Yes (64)
Flammable No
First Appearance Beta 1.0.0
2015-12-08 18.18.17

The Animator GUI

Animator is a utility block that is very useful for obtaining particular entities and objects through an 'animation' process.

2015-06-10 18.32.54

Animator ingame

Recipe Edit

  1. 3 Betweenstone + 3 Weedwood Planks + 2 Weedwood Sticks + 1 Wight's Heart = 1 Animator

GUI Edit

The Animator is capable of "animating" certain items. To do this, place the item you want to animate in the middle slot, a Life Crystal in the left slot, and any amount of Sulfur in the right slot. The model of the item will be rendered floating on top of the Animator, and the Life Crystal will rise and surround the item. After a considerable amount of time, the process will complete and the resulting new item or entity will float and rotate to face you. When right-clicked the item will be collected/the entity will be spawned.

With each "animation" within the Animator, a varying amount of Sulfur will be consumed and the Life Crystal used will lose a varying amount of its charge. Keep in mind that when it reaches 0%, or if there is not enough charge, the Life Crystal can no longer be used in animating.

You can add your own Animator GUI recipes in the recipes.json in the config.

Animator Recipes Edit

  1. Animate Spores (8 Sulfur, 3% charge) = Sporeling spawns
    Sporeling spawns
  2. Animate Item Scroll (16 Sulfur, 12% charge) = random item (see Item Scroll page for possibilities, Valonite Shard shown as example)
    Random Item
  3. Animate Tar Beast Heart (32 Sulfur, 25% charge) = Animated Tar Beast Heart
    Animated Tar Beast Heart
  4. Animate Inanimate Tar Minion (8 Sulfur, 6% charge) = Tar Minion item
    Tar Minion 2
  5. Animate unanimated Idol item (32 Sulfur) = Animated Idol mob spawns (NYI)

Sounds Edit



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