Health 34 (Heartx17)
Damage 2 (Heart)
Drops AnglerToothAngler Tooth, AnglerFleshRaw Angler Meat on death
First Appearance Beta 1.0.0

Anglers are carnivorous fish native to The Betweenlands. It spawns in most surface Betweenlands biomes in water (except Marsh and Sludge Plains biomes), and also spawns underwater in the Lake Cavern layer.

Description Edit

They give off a small amount of blue light using the mod's shaders. They will swim around in big groups in the rivers and lakes, but if they spot the player they will rapidly swim towards them and attack. One bite only deals a small amount of damage, however they attack rapidly and in quite big groups. If the player manages to reach land they will continue to attack, leaping out of the water to get them. However, this grounds the fish, and they will flop around and then die unless somehow they get back into the water.

Strategy Edit

Especially in the early game, Anglers can be a dangerous threat to anyone in or even close to the water, and in large schools even more so. The best way to deal with them if unprepared is to get out of the water and move a good number of blocks inland, for they will leap out of the water to continue pursuit. By doing this, they often end up drowning themselves and you can take their drops. Once you have decent equipment they are for the most part no longer a problem.

Sounds Edit







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